How can I become a beta tester for Threema Work for iOS?

Thank you for your interest in testing the beta version of Threema Work. In order to participate in the beta program, it’s required that you have installed the regular Threema Work app and activated it using credentials.

Be sure to create a backup before installing the beta version!

If you want to leave the beta program and use the regular Threema Work version again, please contact support via “Settings > Beta Feedback” or at help at threema dot ch.

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Instant messaging is an immediate and effortless means for information exchange, and it has become an integral part of today’s business communication. Instant messaging simplifies communication, improves collaboration, expedites workflows, and increases productivity. It is the most popular communication tool.

Risks of conventional chat solutions

Many of the apps that are used for business purposes don’t meet legal data-privacy requirements. Often used under the radar as “shadow IT,” messengers like WhatsApp pose several risks:

  • Unrestricted access to user data (such as contacts, metadata, locations, etc.) must be granted
  • Third parties can gain access to this data
  • The encryption used in them is not verifiable
  • There is no means for administration and user management
  • Legal requirements are not met
  • There is no strict separation between personal and professional communication

To find out how Threema differs from WhatsApp in terms of security and data protection, please refer to this in-depth comparison.

In November 2021, the FZI Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe, Germany, released a comprehensive legal study on the corporate use of messaging services as well as a compact practical guide (both in German), see blog post.

Threema Work offers all features expected from a professional business messenger. No other messenger offers a comparable level of security, metadata restraint, and confidentiality. Overview of key advantages:

Threema is trusted by millions. It is a cost-efficient and simple way to make the communication of your employees, partners, and customers secure, privacy-compliant, and professionally manageable.

Compare Threema Work with other business communication-tools in our comprehensive business-messenger comparison, and have a look at the in-depth comparison of Threema and WhatsApp.

I am a user

With your own smartphone or tablet

  1. Wait until you receive an activation link or username and password from your administrator
  2. On your smartphone or tablet, download the app “Threema Work” free of charge from the app store
  3. Launch the app, and open the activation link or enter your username and password

With a company smartphone or tablet

You don’t need to make any preparations. Simply open the Threema Work app and follow the instructions.

I am an administrator

  1. Log in to, select a subscription, and add a new user (or a license for MDM systems, if you use one) in the menu item “User management”
  2. On your smartphone or tablet, download the app “Threema Work” free of charge from the app store
  3. Launch the app, and open the activation link or enter the username and password you have defined in step 1. When using an MDM system, this step is not necessary if you include the username and password in the Config Policy (see th_license_username)

Watch our product demo to learn how to deploy the Threema Work app to your users and to get an overview of the management cockpit.

Threema Work is ideal for secure and efficient communication in medical institutions such as doctors’ offices, clinics, pharmacies, and it’s also perfectly suited for home care. Our business messenger allows your medical facility’s staff to exchange medical reports in a secure, efficient, and privacy-compliant manner.

To learn more, visit the healthcare subsite.

To transfer data when switching phones, you can either use Threema Safe or create a data backup. Please note, however, that not all backup types contain the same data. In the following documents, you will find detailed information about which backup to use in which situation:

Backups on Android
Backups on iOS

Threema Work is the ideal communication tool for almost every industry and sector, e.g., the retail sector, the automotive industry, tourism, industrial companies, and public authorities. Threema Work is also popular with the security and the healthcare sector and every other area where fast and secure information exchange is a top priority.

An overview of different use cases in a wide range of industries can be found in the Success Stories.

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