Threema Gateway: Send and Receive Threema Messages via Your Own Software

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Threema Gateway: Send and Receive Threema Messages via Your Own Software

Wouldn’t it be great to receive error messages or automated notifications conveniently as a text message? Threema Gateway allows you to set up such integration and automation processes.

Threema Gateway is Threema’s message API and works just like an SMS gateway, but it’s more versatile. At the center of the service lies the Threema Gateway server, which processes incoming messages and forwards the information to the desired users, Threema user groups, or systems.

The Gate to Threema’s Eco System

Possible Use Cases

Threema Gateway’s use cases are virtually unlimited. Below are some examples of how Threema can be integrated into third-party software.

  • 2FA/OTP:
    Use Threema for two-factor authentication

  • IoT / system monitoring:
    Monitor systems and automatically send a Threema message in case of emergencies or upon specific queries (example use case: Open Circle AG)

  • Custom service:
    Create your own Threema bot or Threema service (example use case: Corona Radar)

  • Chat support:
    Offer the option to request customer support via Threema (example use case: Userlike, Whappodo)

  • Integration into ERP systems:
    Integrate Threema into your existing process automation solution (example use case: TK Elevator)

  • Content alert:
    Watch a web page and get a Threema message when the content of the web page changes

An added bonus: as of now, Threema Gateway comes at a much lower cost as the price for Credits has been cut by half.

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