Threema for Android: Built-in video camera, new emojis, and more

The 4.3 update brings several useful new features and a host of additional emojis to Threema for Android. As usual, the update fixes some bugs, and it also contains various other improvements.

Built-in video camera

You can now record and trim videos right in the Threema app. Open a chat, and tap the camera icon in the text-input field to launch the camera. You still take pictures by tapping the shutter button. However, if you hold down the button, a video will be recorded.

To zoom, slide your finger up and down, and to stop recording, simply release the button. If you wish to trim the video before sending it, move the sliders to the desired start and end position.

Over 100 new emojis

Emoji fans now have even more ways to spice up their chat messages. Threema 4.3 for Android is equipped with more than 100 new emojis from the Unicode 12 standard, including a yawning smiley, mechanical extremities, and the much-beloved sloth.

There’s more

This update packs several other new features and improvements. For example, automatic downloads can now also be enabled for files and videos, and the appearance of stickers and the audio-playback behavior have been optimized.

Update/download Threema for Android

System requirements: This update requires Android 4.4 or above. The video camera and the video editor are available on most devices running Android 8 or above.

Various improvements in Threema for iOS

A new Threema version for iOS has just hit the App Store. The 4.5 update contains numerous small, yet useful, enhancements.

Quoting messages is now as easy as swiping right. The new Leave Group menu item in the group details allows to leave groups without deleting them, and you can now conveniently share contacts (in the detail view) by means of Share Links.

The user interface has also undergone some refinements. For instance, in-app-notifications now contain image previews. On iOS 13, Threema adheres to the system-wide Appearance setting (in Settings > Display & Brightness), which allows to automatically switch the theme at sunrise and sunset.

On top of that, this update includes several other improvements and bug fixes. To get an overview of all changes and additions, please refer to the changelog.

Are you familiar with Threema’s poll feature?

In a group chat, the idea to go out for dinner comes up. Various restaurant suggestions are proposed, and lively debates about the pros and cons of each place emerge. Roberto is okay with anything but sushi, Lisa prefers restaurants nearby, and Hanna is a vegan…

This is where Threema’s poll feature comes in handy. In the chat, tap the paperclip icon (Android) or the plus sing (iOS), and start a poll. Once all group members have cast their vote, a chart will show which option is the most popular.

Data Privacy Day: Take the privacy quiz

Today is Data Privacy Day. In celebration of this international awareness day, we’re giving away various prizes that protect your online privacy:

  • 3 × SecureSafe Gold (3 years, amounting to $432)
  • 3 × Threema Work Enterprise (20 users, perpetual license)
  • 10 × 5 promo codes for Threema

To enter the prize draw, you have to put your knowledge to the test and complete our privacy quiz. The quiz will be open until the end of January. All decisions are final.

Take the privacy quiz now: Send «quiz» to *THREEMA.

Good luck!

Threema Channel updated

The Threema Channel is now equipped with additional commands (“more”), a streamlined navigation, and a new feed (“Jobs”).

Send “info” to the ID *THREEMA to explore the new content.

Full privacy, half price

Seriously secure messaging is never free. But for a limited time, the Threema app is available at half price. This sale lasts until the end of the year.

App stores: Price reduction may vary by country of origin.

To streamline the process of adding contacts to Threema and to make it easier to share one’s own ID, there is now a unique Share Link for each Threema ID: + Your Threema ID


When opening this Share Link on a mobile device, the respective ID will be added to the contact list in Threema. When opening the link on a computer (or a mobile device on which Threema is not installed), a custom website appears, where you can add the ID to Threema by scanning a QR code (or download the app from the appropriate store).

Share your Threema ID using the Share Link like this:

  1. In Threema > My Profile, tap the Share button
  2. Select the communication channel, e.g., email or SMS
  3. Select the contacts you wish to share your Threema ID with

You can also add your Share Link to your email signature or use it as (anonymous) contact information on social networks.

Threema for iOS: Improvements all around

The Threema app for iOS receives a well-rounded update. Version 4.4 makes the time-tested interface shine in new splendor, it includes various useful new features and improves performance and stability in different areas.

  • Revised user interface: The iOS app incorporates a unified new color scheme. “My ID” has received a facelift along with a new name, “My Profile”. The settings have been streamlined, and the interface has been polished all over.

  • Storage Management: iOS users can now free up disk space in one sweep. Simply navigate to Settings > Storage Management, where you can conveniently delete all messages or media files of a certain age at once.

  • Refactoring of web client and voice calls: The code bases of Threema Web and Threema calls have been rewritten. Performance and stability of the web client have improved noticeably, and the connection buildup for voice calls is even faster and more reliable than before.

  • iOS 13 support and much more: In addition to improvements for iOS 13, the update fixes various bugs and contains several other improvements.

To the App Store

Threema for Android: A fresh new look and even more privacy

With the update to version 4.0, Threema for Android gets a complete facelift. The new design is not only pleasant to look at, it also enhances the app’s usability. Thanks to the streamlined navigation, you can now access your favorite features faster than ever.

Besides interface improvements, this update includes various measures for even stricter privacy protection. The dependency on external apps and services has been cut down further. Instead of Google Maps, a custom map viewer is used, and both camera and QR-code reader are now built into Threema.

Download the update now, and give the following new features a try.

  • Archive chats: Orderly users will particularly appreciate this feature. In the chat overview, swipe left to archive a chat. The chat will not be deleted, but it no longer takes up space in the overview. To get to the chat archive, select “Archieved” in the menu.
  • New maps and new location selection: Instead of Google Maps and the Google Play services, Threema now uses its own infrastructure for maps and POIs (Places of Interest) based on data from OpenStreetMap. This way, no location data has to be shared with external map services.
  • Use your finger or Face Unlock to unlock the app: Threema can now be protected using your smartphone’s biometric mechanism, provided that your device supports the official Android API.
  • Quote messages: You can now quote messages by swiping right.
  • Voice messages: Recordings can be paused, and (depending on the device) playback of voice messages continues in the background.

For further details, please refer to the changelog.

Threema for iOS: Mentions in group chats

The 4.3 update of Threema for iOS adds full support for mentions in group chats. Simply tap the “@” key in a group conversation, and select the contact you wish to mention. This way, even the most lively discussions remain comprehensible, and group members never miss a message that’s relevant to them again (cf. “Notify when mentioned”).

On top of that, this update packs several other additions and improvements. For example, you can gently press on a link to open a preview of the respective website (requires a 3D Touch device).

For all the details, please refer to the changelog.

Bosch uses Threema Work for mobile communication

More and more companies start to realize that employees would like to communicate with colleagues the way they are used to communicate with friends, i.e., using messaging apps. However, conventional chat services don’t meet the corporate requirements for data protection, security, and administration capabilities. If no alternative is put in place, employees will eventually resort to apps they use in their personal lives. As a result, a parallel IT emerges, and there is no strict separation between personal and professional communication.

This is where Threema Work comes in. The professional messaging solution for companies is tailored to the needs of organizations (central user management, pre-configuration of the app, full legal compliance, etc.) and provides the level of convenience users are accustomed to from similar consumer apps.

Numerous renowned companies rely on Threema Work for secure and efficient team communication. They are now joined by Bosch, a leading international technology company and service provider.

Read the Bosch success story and watch this video to learn how Bosch uses Threema Work:

Last Threema update for Windows Phone

An era comes to an end. Due to the discontinuation of Windows Phone (and Windows 10 Mobile), there will be no further Threema updates for this platform.

In its last update (to version 3.0), the Windows Phone app adds support for Threema Safe. This allows Windows Phone users to transfer their Threema ID, contacts, and groups to another platform and use Threema on Android or iOS in the future.

New Threema audit

Threema is known for rock-solid security and unparalleled privacy protection. The algorithms and protocols used in Threema’s cryptography are well documented, and the encryption’s proper implementation can be verified at any time. On top of that, renowned experts periodically conduct independent audits to confirm Threema’s security.

Headed by Prof. Sebastian Schinzel, the Lab for IT Security of Münster’s University of Applied Sciences has thoroughly audited Threema’s code during the past months. With considerable effort and all the required technical expertise, the Android and the iOS app as well as Threema Safe were examined in great detail for possible security flaws. However, no critical vulnerabilities were found, and the researches gave Threema top grades:

  • “Threema takes the security and privacy of their users very seriously.”
  • “Threema performs as specified in the published documentation.”
  • “Threema’s security and privacy features are intact and effective.”

The audit report is publicly available in its entirety. The few minor issues that were put forward have been addressed immediately and are already fixed in the current app versions. Get an idea of the test procedure Threema has undergone:

Consult the audit report

Anonymity – the ultimate privacy protection

Conventional chat services identify their users by means of the users’ phone numbers. Since a phone number points to the identity of its owner, it’s not possible to use such services anonymously. But how is that a drawback? Why should you care about anonymity if you only communicate with friends you know personally?

In order to address these questions, it’s necessary distinguish two kinds of anonymity:

  1. Anonymity in regard to the chat partner – “horizontal anonymity”
  2. Anonymity in regard to the chat service – “vertical anonymity”

Threema accommodates both types of anonymity:

  1. Instead of a phone number, the Threema ID serves as unique identifier. Since this ID is a random sequence of characters, it doesn’t reveal any details about the owner’s identity. Therefore, it’s possible to contact someone via Threema without disclosing one’s identity to the contacted person.
  2. Linking personally identifiable information (such as the phone number or an email address) to one’s Threema ID is optional. Therefore, Threema as service provider has no way of knowing a user’s identity if they don’t link a phone number or email address to their ID.

Horizontal anonymity enables you to communicate with like-minded people in group chats without having to expose your identity in the process. Due to the rise of censorship in social media, this use case is becoming increasingly popular. Another typical scenario is the use of Threema as a whistleblowing channel, and there are even churches that use Threema as a “digital confessional”.

While anonymity in regard to the chat partner may not be of equal importance to all Threema users, vertical anonymity is relevant to all users in the sense that each of them chooses whether to use this privacy feature or not.

By disclosing your identity to every Internet service you use, a comprehensive record of your online activities can be compiled by combining the user data from the different sources. If, however, you remain anonymous to a service, you can be absolutely sure that the respective data will not be merged with your user data from other sources and therefore can’t be misused for advertising or other purposes.

If you decide to link your Threema ID to your phone number or email address (in order for your contacts to easily retrieve your ID), this data is safely stored on the Threema server in encrypted form. However, if you don’t disclose any personally identifiable information in the first place, your anonymity is guaranteed, and your privacy is protected in the best possible way. Because as long as someone’s identity is unknown, their privacy can’t be violated; that’s why anonymity is the ultimate privacy protection. In short, anonymity is to privacy what end-to-end encryption is to security.

New promo clip

Privacy protection is important. As a Threema user, you know that. But not all Internet users are aware of this and voluntarily hand over their data to the companies behind free messengers.

The new Threema video shows that it’s not worth saving on chatting and paying with private data. Protect your own as well as your friends’ private lives with Threema.