Why Threema Instead of WhatsApp?

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On May 15, WhatsApp will enforce its new privacy policy. The changes have been met with significant pushback, and in addition to a wave of public outrage, the matter has sparked a general debate about data privacy in messaging services.

Countless WhatsApp users have taken the opportunity to leave Facebook’s controversial chat service and prevent the exploitation of their user data.

The notion that privacy is an invaluable asset and the realization that free services can come at a high price are becoming increasingly popular. More Internet users than ever prefer to pay a small one-time fee instead of giving up their privacy for a “free” service.

As a result, over a million new users have already joined Threema this year. For the remaining WhatsApp users, we have compiled the most important reasons to switch to Threema instead of accepting WhatsApp’s new privacy policy:

Why Threema Instead of WhatsApp?