Threema for Android Introduces Contact-Specific Privacy Settings

Threema for Android Introduces Contact-Specific Privacy Settings

With its option to adjust privacy settings on a per-contact basis, the latest Threema update for Android introduces a useful new feature.

There are some scenarios where one-size-fits-all solutions just won’t cut it, and one such scenario concerns read receipts: While you may want to send read receipts to some contacts, you probably don’t want to send them to all contacts.

That’s why Threema now allows you to fine-tune privacy settings. Instead of sending read receipts to either every contact or no contact at all, you can override the default setting for specific contacts. The same goes for the typing indicator.

Supposing you have disabled read receipts in the global privacy settings (⋮ > Settings > Privacy > Receipts) but wish to send read receipts to a contact close to your heart, just open the contact details, and set “Send read receipts” to “Send.” This will override the global setting, and nobody except your special contact will receive read receipts.

To learn more about Threema 4.57 for Android, please refer to the changelog.

In Threema for iOS, contact-specific privacy settings will become available with an upcoming update. Stay tuned!