Threema 4.5 for Android: New Features Galore

· Deutsche Version

Threema’s Android app gets a substantial update, bursting with new features and general refinements. Among the highlights are the global search functionality, the integrated media gallery, and the optional image-search feature, which is based on local, and thus privacy-compliant, image recognition.

Global Search

Let’s say someone sent you a movie recommendation, but you don’t recall who it was (let alone which movie they recommended). Thanks to the global search functionality, you don’t have to restrict your search to individual chats; instead, you can conveniently search across all chats at once.

In the chat overview, tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner, select “Search chats,” and enter a search term to get a list of all messages containing said term.

Integrated Media Gallery

Sending images and videos is now even more convenient. Simply tap on the paperclip icon in a chat to bring up the new media gallery.

Select the desired media files, and tap “Send.” If you wish to add captions or edit the selected items, tap “Edit.” The gear icon in the Edit screen can be used to override the global size setting in case you need to send individual images in a different resolution.

After hitting the Send button, you’ll instantly return to the chat. The process of encrypting and sending media files is executed in the background and doesn’t block the user interface.

Image Search

Optionally, the new media gallery can be equipped with image recognition that allows you to find images simply by entering keywords. The image recognition is carried out locally, i.e., the images don’t leave your device. Activate this handy feature in “Settings > Media & storage > Image search.”

In a chat, tap the paperclip icon, and pull up the gallery to enter full-screen mode, where a magnifying glass icon appears in the upper right corner (after the initial image recognition has been completed). Tap the magnifying glass, and start typing. Available keywords will pop up, and you can select one to get a list of matching images.

Over 100 New Emojis, Larger Groups, and More

The 4.5 update also packs a host of new emojis, including the long-awaited fondue, a ninja, and a smiley wearing Groucho glasses.

Like their iOS friends, Android users can now create groups of up to 256 members and quote all message types, including images, voice messages, and locations.

On top of that, this app version streamlines the menu navigation and adds icons to menu items for easier readability. To find out what else is new, please refer to the changelog.