Threema 1.6.4 for Windows Phone is available

A new Threema version for Windows Phone is ready for download. The 1.6.4 update provides a handy image picker which allows you to select images in a snap. On top of that, you can now send existing videos and set the resolution for videos you record in Threema.

As always, the update also includes some bug fixes and general improvements.

Message quoting in Threema for iOS

Threema for Android recently introduced a useful quote feature. With Threema 2.8.0 for iOS, this feature is now also available on iOS. Message quoting will come in handy in lively group discussions or whenever you need to unambiguously reference previous text messages.

To quote a text message on iOS, tap and hold it until the context menu appears. There, tap the quotation mark icon, and the quoted message will appear above the text input field. You can then compose and send your message like you usually would. In the chat, the quoted message is indented and prepended to your new message so that it’s evident what you are referring to.

The 2.8.0 update also adds support for Romansh, Switzerland’s fourth national language, and it includes miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

By the way, the first Threema version was published exactly four years ago today. Thank you for all the support over the years!

Threema 2.93 for Android

A new Threema version for Android is available for download. The 2.93 update adds support for emoji skin colors and includes some minor improvements and bug fixes.

Emojis which are available in different skin colors are marked with a triangle. Tap and hold one of those to select which of its skin color variants to insert.

Reseller program for Threema Work

Mobile messaging is becoming increasingly important in today’s business communication. Frequently, however, chat apps are used which employees already use for personal communication. Many of these apps don’t meet legal privacy requirements and aren’t suitable for business purposes due to insufficient security.

Companies which are aware of the delicacy of this situation have switched to Threema Work, the secure and privacy-compliant messaging solution for businesses. All kinds of companies use Threema Work – well-known corporations, numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, and NGOs.

To promote the rapid spread of Threema Work, we are introducing a reseller program. Qualified IT service providers can now offer Threema Work directly to their customers and benefit from favorable resale and referral conditions.

Apply here to become a Threema partner.

New quote feature in Threema for Android

Threema 2.92 for Android provides a handy quote feature which allows to unambiguously reference previous text messages. This can be particularly useful in lively group discussions.

To quote a text message, tap and hold it until the context menu appears in the title bar. There, tap the quotation mark icon, and the quoted message will appear above the text input field. You can then compose and send your message like you usually would. In the chat, the quoted message is indented and prepended to your new message (as well as marked with the color corresponding to its author) so that it’s evident what you are referring to.

We have also streamlined the menus and revised the navigation. New chats, group conversations, and distribution lists can now be created via the Floating Action Button (and no longer via the toolbar). And for better usability, we have reorganized and consolidated the items in the side drawer.

On top of that, this update includes numerous other improvements and optimizations along with some bug fixes. For more details, please consult the change log.

New T-shirt collection #RegainPrivacyNow

A new T-shirt collection has arrived in Threema’s Fan Shop. On the front of the two new T-shirts (available in both ladies’ and men’s style), the #RegainPrivacyNow hashtag is printed in different typographic variants. Now you can demonstrate in a fashionable way that privacy is close to your heart – literally.

Have a look at the new T-shirts and other cool Threema gear in our Fan Shop.

IncaMail and Threema connect two worlds

IncaMail, Swiss Post’s secure email service, and Threema are connecting worlds. From now on, certain IncaMail messages can be conveniently received in Threema and Threema Work.

IncaMail is an electronic service from Swiss Post for the secure and verifiable sending of confidential business information, such as payslips, personal data, and account statements.

Confidential messages that are sent via IncaMail are seamlessly integrated into the Threema and Threema Work apps, making them immediately and securely accessible.

The integration of Threema into IncaMail will be of particular interest to companies and Threema Work customers.

“Snowden” – Another chance to win movie tickets

Accompanying the release of “Snowden” in Germany, we conducted a ticket giveaway. The lucky winners have already been drawn and will be notified shortly.

There’s now another chance to get tickets. Accompanying the release of “Snowden” in Swiss cinemas, we are giving away 10 × 2 tickets for the exclusive screenings listed below, which are followed by a panel discussion.

Bern: Thursday, October 6

Theater: Alhambra Bern | Time: 5:30 p.m. (135 min)

After the screening, there will be a panel discussion (30 minutes) with Marcel Bosonnet (Snowden lawyer Switzerland), Patrick Walder (Amnesty International), and host Jan Jirat (WOZ).

Basel: Friday, October 7

Theater: Pathé Küchlin | Time: 5:45 p.m. (135 min)

After the screening, there will be a panel discussion (30 minutes) with Marcel Bosonnet (Snowden lawyer Switzerland), Patrick Walder (Amnesty International), and host Gabriel Brönnimann (TagesWoche).

To get a ticket, simply send an email with your name and the subject “Snowden Bern” or “Snowden Basel”, respectively, to Tickets are given away on a first come - first serve basis. Good luck!

Threema Work’s management cockpit gets a load of new features

A few months ago, Threema Work was successfully launched. Threema Work is the privacy-compliant messaging solution for organizations. One of its benefits is the innovative management cockpit, which makes administration and user management a breeze. The management cockpit now gets many useful new features:

  • Customized contact list: The Threema Work app’s contact list can now be prepopulated with custom contacts. These contacts will be marked with two blue dots.

  • Overview of active users: Get an overview of all active users and the Threema IDs they have generated.

  • ID revocation: You can now revoke IDs directly from within the management cockpit. This is an effective way to prevent further use of these IDs, e.g. when a devices is stolen or a user leaves the company.

  • Custom support form: You can decide how your users will get first level support. Simply provide a URL to your own support form, which will then be integrated in the Threema Work app.

With these new features, Threema Work is even more useful. If you aren’t familiar with Threema Work, now is the time to find out what it’s all about: Visit the website

“Snowden” — a movie for everyone, including those who have nothing to hide

Today, “Snowden” hits the big screen in Germany. We were able to watch Oliver Stone’s highly anticipated movie about the famous whistleblower last week, and we think it turned out very well, to say the least.

In summer 2013, when working at the NSA, Edward Snowden uncovered the largest mass-surveillance program of the world. Stone’s movie skillfully recounts the events surrounding what has since become known as the “Snowden revelations”. The movie shows what dramatic consequences Snowden was willing to accept in order to expose the dark deeds the intelligence services were engaged in. Without his intervention, we would probably to this day be unaware of the extent to which mass surveillance and targeted spying on politicians, business leaders, and human-rights activists was conducted.

“Snowden” was well received by the political press, too. The New York Times and the Washington Post praise Stone for managing to make a complex social issue graspable for all audiences.

Theatrical release: Germany, September 22 | Switzerland, October 6 | Trailer

Movie ticket giveaway

In cooperation with Universum Film and Pathé Films, we are giving away 30 × 2 tickets for “Snowden” (valid in Germany or Switzerland). To enter the giveaway, simply subscribe to the feed “Snowden” in the Threema Channel: First, add the Threema ID *THREEMA to your contacts; then, send the text “Snowden” and you automatically enter the contest.The deadline is September 30, 2016. All decisions are final. Good luck!

Job opening @ Threema: iOS developer

For the development of our iOS apps, we are looking for a motivated software engineer (m/f) to join our team. It's required to have relevant qualifications and experience in developing complex apps. The job description can be read here.

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