Data Privacy Day – Threema 50% off

Data Privacy Day – Threema 50% off

January 28 is Data Privacy Day. This holiday was established in order to raise awareness for data protection and to point out the dangers of a decline in privacy. Privacy awareness is more important than ever. In addition to surveillance programs by governments and data breaches, privacy violations by companies undermine the privacy of Internet users.

Users are often unaware of the amount and the kind of data they disclose by using certain online services. There’s also a lack of awareness for the consequences of giving up one’s privacy. Data is power. Once collected, data can be endlessly reproduced and stored until the end of time. What’s more, user data might lead to unforeseen conclusions about the users, especially when collected in large quantities and merged with data from other sources.

Threema was designed to generate as little data as possible in the first place. For where there is no data, no data can be misused.

The Data Privacy Day is a great opportunity to reconsider one’s communication habits. Threema is a valuable tool to ensure security and confidentiality of your communication. On the occasion of this year’s Data Privacy Day, the Threema app is available for half the price on all supported platforms.

The 50% sale ends on Sunday, January 29, at 10 p.m. CET.

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