Information regarding the network outage and problems with Threema on iOS 7

We deeply regret that on Thursday, July 30, some of our customers were unable to use Threema in the usual way. Two unfortunate circumstances beyond our control led to these failures. In the interest of transparency, we would like to briefly explain the causes. We apologize to all Threema users for the inconvenience.

Issues with Threema 2.4.0 under iOS 7 and older

Threema version 2.4.0 was tested by us under iOS 7, 6 and 5, and worked fine using the available distribution methods for beta testing under these older iOS versions (i.e. installation via Xcode or AdHoc). However, it seems that the repacking/resigning that the App Store performs for distribution broke the binary and made it impossible to launch on iOS 7. Unfortunately this could not be verified before release, as Apple's official beta testing solution in the App Store, TestFlight, only works on iOS 8. We have submitted another update (2.4.1) on Thursday to fix the problem, which is currently waiting for review by Apple.

Network outage on July 30th

On July 30th, the Threema servers were unreachable for most users between approximately 10:10 and 12:30 CEST, except for a small percentage of users whose ISP had a direct route (peering) with our colocation provider The reason was a fiber cut that brought three data centers offline and destroyed the otherwise redundant uplinks. For details, please see Threema’s infrastructure was up and running all the time, but unfortunately partly unreachable due to this network outage.

New feature: Securely send files of any type

Threema just got even more useful. Android users are now able to send files of any type directly within the app. Any file with a size of up to 20 MB is supported including animated GIFs, music files, Office documents, PDFs or even contacts from your address book. As always with Threema, everything is fully end-to-end encrypted. This new feature is another step forward for Threema to make private online communication more secure, more productive and more fun.

There’s more in version 2.4 for Android: Group chats now support up to 30 members. All improvements and changes: What’s new

PS: If you’re using Threema on iOS or Windows Phone, don’t worry. We’re hard at work on preparing file transfer for your platform, too. Watch this space.

Half off of full privacy: Get Threema for less than a Dollar

You won’t get privacy for free. But until Sunday, you’ll get it for less than a Dollar. Download Threema now for half off the regular price! The offer starts Thursday, June 18, and ends Sunday, June 21. Get Threema now for only $ 0.99 / € 0.99.

Threema, Germany's favorite secure messenger, is designed to keep messages, photos and all other data about you, out of the hands of hackers, advertisers and the government. With this temporary price reduction we would like to introduce Threema to a new audience. Help us to spread the word!

Download Threema now: Go to the app store

Tell your friends about the half off special offer: with E-Mail

Major quality improvements for Threema's Windows Phone app

Threema reaffirms its commitment to Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. Users benefit from an update that dramatically improves the the performance of Threema's Windows Phone app.

  • The stability of the app has been greatly enhanced
  • Significant work has been done to ensure the reliability of push notifications and group messages
  • Many more smaller and bigger bug fixes and optimizations are included in the current update

We're pushing the development of Threema for Windows Phone to the next level. Stay tuned for more functional enhancements to be released in the next few months.

Enjoy the performance boost of this new version of the app!

Threema Gateway with new features

We've added a few attractive features to Threema Gateway.

Test Threema Gateway for free: Even if you do not have your own custom Threema ID yet, you can now test Threema Gateway for free and without obligation. As a registered Threema Gateway user, you can send a limited number of messages to Threema IDs of your choice using our provided simple Web GUI.

Set your own custom profile picture: Jazz up your messages by setting a custom logo as profile picture for your Threema ID. The picture will be shown on the recipient's phone. Setting a custom profile picture is completely free and helps you ensuring a higher recognition value for your company or your brand.

Try it out: Threema Gateway

The update for Windows Phone is here!

The wait is over – the new version of Threema for Windows Phone is here! Version 1.2.1 supports group administration: you can now create a group chat and add new group members. However, you can not remove group members at this point; this feature will be added soon. We have also improved the general appearance of the application. New colored avatars give a nice look and feel. The current update also adds a few improvements and bug fixes. We have not forgotten you – stay tuned!

This update 1.2.1 includes:

  • Group administration: create a group and add new group members
  • Colored default avatars
  • Bug fixes and many improvements

iOS update 2.3

We have published an update for the iOS version of Threema. On iOS, group administrators can now remove group members too. The second big announcement is that we have made Threema iPad compatible; the look and feel and user experience is now optimized for iPad screens. Besides, version 2.3 further improves accessibility support (VoiceOver). All in all the update 2.3 for iOS includes:

  • Enjoy Threema on the iPad. We have made the app iPad compatible.
  • Improved group management: group administrators can now remove members from a group
  • Better support for accessibility (VoiceOver)
  • Bug fixes and small improvements

Android update 2.3

We just posted an exciting update of our Android app. Finally, administrators can kick members from existing groups. We also added a more feature-rich image preview that allows you to rotate, remove and sort multiple images before sending them. The emoji picker was thoroughly redesigned to enable direct access to emoji categories. Besides, a few new emojis from Unicode 7.0 and dozens of country flags have been added. Here's a list of new features and changes in version 2.3:

  • Administrators can kick members from groups
  • Enhanced image preview (multi select, add, rotate, sort, remove)
  • Comprehensive full text search in conversations
  • Include media files when sharing chats
  • Redesigned emoji picker with new emojis and flags
  • Improved smart watch support
  • Use proximity sensor to determine audio output of voice messages
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes
  • Updated translations

Threema for your car

Google just launched Android Auto. Threema was chosen as an exclusive launch partner of this exciting project. Android Auto notifies you about incoming Threema notifications on the car dashboard's head unit. You can listen to text messages via text-to-speech, and directly reply by voice input. Android Auto will be available for new models of all major international car manufacturers.

Introducing “Threema Gateway”

We've just launched our brand new “Threema Gateway” product. It allows you to encrypt, send, receive and decrypt messages directly from your own application. The code for integrating a Threema backend into your own software environment is available in PHP, Java and Python and released with an Open Source license.

This new pre-paid service is more feature-rich, versatile and cheaper than traditional SMS gateways. It offers the highest possible security you've come to expect from Threema thanks to its reliable end-to-end encryption based on the well reputed NaCl cryptography library. All IDs used for messages sent via “Threema Gateway” start with an asterisk (*) and consist of 8 characters in total. You're free to choose your own Threema ID. Example: *THREEMA

Android update 2.21

This version is mainly a bugfix release. It also adds a few smaller improvements and features:

  • Set an individual ringtone for each contact
  • Set password for key revocation directly from within the app. If your ID gets lost or stolen simply revoke it on
  • Widget to display unread messages on desktop or lock screen
  • Bug fixes and improvements

The voice message plugin was also updated to 1.1. It now allows you to preview recorded voice messages before sending them.

Android update 2.2

This release brings:

  • Video compression (Android 4.3+)
  • Launch video camera directly from chat
  • Display text messages as QR code, scan any QR code and send as a text message (Facilitates transferring passwords etc. from a chat message to another device)
  • Individual wallpapers for each chat
  • Optionally save encrypted ID to Android Backup (if enabled)
  • Preparations for advanced group administration
  • Bug fixes and improvements

iOS update 2.1.1

The release brings:

  • Forwarding of messages to other users or groups
  • Improvements to increase randomness when generating a new ID (by including data of the device's movements)
  • Closed polls can now be deleted
  • Preparations for advanced group administration (will be activated with next release)
  • And we did some bugfixes