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Threema 2.81 for Android: Protect chats from prying eyes with Private Chats

Threema is known for its dedication to privacy. It is – and always has been – possible to protect access to the app with a PIN. Now you can also protect individual chats from prying eyes. Simply mark a confidential conversation as Private Chat, and your PIN or fingerprint will be required to access it. Private Chats can also be hidden from the chat list. This way, full confidentiality can be maintained, say, while you're showing someone Threema’s (other) cool features. In line with this, push notifications for Private Chats don't include message contents. Learn more

With Threema 2.8.1 for Android, you can add captions to images, files, and GIFs. The provided text will appear as overlay at the bottom of the preview. When sending multiple images at once, each image can be labelled individually. This is a neat way to add a comment to your images, files, and GIFs.

The 2.81 update also includes some performance improvements and bug fixes.