Chat from your desktop with Threema Web and have full access to all chats, contacts and media files.
Threema Web
Complete message synchronization
By scanning a QR code, desktop and mobile device are connected at once, and all conversations are fully accessible on the desktop.
Highest security and data restraint
All communication between phone and PC is fully end-to-end encrypted and uses a direct connection if both phone and PC are on the same network.
Open Source
Threema Web is Open Source and uses the open standards SaltyRTC and WebRTC. As an additional encryption layer, SaltyRTC ensures a secure connection between browser and mobile device.

How to use Threema Web

  1. On your desktop computer, open (with Chromium, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera)
  2. In the Threema app, select “Threema Web” and activate the scanner
  3. Use your mobile device to scan the QR code displayed on
Hint: To avoid having to scan the QR code each time you use Threema Web, you can set a session password in the browser before scanning.

Important Notes

  • Make sure you are using the current version of Threema (≥3.0).
  • Threema Web is available for the Android version of Threema. Support for other platforms is in preparation.
  • Threema Web might increase power consumption while it is active. You can enable or disable it at any time.
  • In order to scan the QR code displayed on with your mobile device, you need the Threema QR Scanner Plugin or another QR code scanner app.