Why C-Level Executives (Should) Use a Secure Business Messenger

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Why C-Level Executives (Should) Use a Secure Business Messenger

Chat apps and their benefits of fast and easy communication have long arrived in companies. Many executives in C-level positions have come to appreciate the flexibility messengers offer: particularly in turbulent times, where one meeting comes after another, it’s practical to easily exchange important information via chat or quickly react to a message.

The Risks of Instant Messaging

In the hectic pace of everyday life, however, the security of a communication channel is often given little to no importance. A risk for companies: Regular chat services and the chat feature in collaboration tools don’t protect confidential information and personal data of employees sufficiently. This violates current data-protection regulations and can lead to heavy fines.

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The Benefits of a Secure Business Messenger

The business messenger Threema Work combines security, GDPR-compliance, and the advantages instant messaging offers. End-to-end encryption and metadata restraint ensure optimal protection of communication and personal data. This makes Threema Work the ideal tool for spontaneous conferences via a video group call, for example. Another handy feature are polls in group chats, which facilitate finding a suitable date for the next meeting.

In Threema Work, internal company contacts are labeled as such. This prevents you from sending internal information to external parties by accident. Thanks to contact verification, you can also be sure that the person you are communicating with is actually who they claim to be, which is an effective countermeasure against CEO fraud.

Another important element is administrability: The powerful admin console allows administrators to implement security measures and define various app settings. For example, users who left the company can be automatically removed from groups to make sure internal information doesn’t fall into the hands of uninvolved third parties.

Long story short: A dedicated business messenger offers more than private messaging apps with respect to both business features and security and data protection. Especially for C-level positions, it’s worth introducing a secure WhatsApp alternative that protects confidential content and trade secrets appropriately.

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