Threema Work vs. MS Teams: A Secure Messenger Is Key

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Threema Work vs. MS Teams: A Secure Messenger Is Key

Communication tools such as Threema Work and MS Teams have become an integral part of today’s business communication: they streamline collaboration and enable fast information exchange. However, MS Teams is no substitute for a secure messenger.

Even if a company already uses a collaboration tool, a secure messenger is paramount in any case. In contrast to MS Teams, all communication is always end-to-end encrypted in Threema Work. Thanks to the intuitive app, it’s easy to integrate a mobile workforce into the corporate communication. Especially in case of a crisis, Threema Work plays a key role: if the corporate IT happens to be down and business continuity is in danger, Threema Work enables companies to maintain communication and stay operational at all times.

Whether as primary communication solution or as a complementary service: Threema Work offers everything employees expect from a contemporary instant messenger – without cutting corners in regard to security and data protection.

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