Mobile Group Calls in the Business Context

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Mobile Group Calls in the Business Context

If you need a fast response, a phone call is more efficient than a text message – this still holds true for the most part even though email, collaboration tools, and instant messengers have long become part of our communication habits. One-to-one and group calls allow you, for example, to discuss urgent matters quickly with one or several parties or to update a project group on the latest developments while on the go.

One-to-one calls have been available in Threema Work for a while now. They’re end-to-end encrypted and don’t require a phone number or SIM card. With a recent update, Threema Work for Android extended its feature set further and allows Android users to conduct audio/video group calls with up to 16 participants. A convenient feature at work: as Threema Work does not depend on a desktop computer, a call via Threema Work also reaches those employees who are out and about or don’t have a permanent workspace in the office.

In contrast to other instant messengers, information exchange via Threema Work – whether by means of a text message or an audio, video, or group call – is privacy-compliant and therefore particularly suited for business communication. Just like one-to-one calls, group calls are end-to-end encrypted and meet the high security level regular Threema Work calls provide. Also in terms of quality, users don’t have to give up what they’re used to: group calls offer the same crystal-clear voice quality and brilliant video quality regular calls are known for.

Threema Work for iOS will support group calls at a later date.