Threema Work for iOS Adds Group-Call Support

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Threema Work for iOS Adds Group-Call Support

Group calls become available across the board, unleashing their full potential and allowing all Threema Work users to conduct end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls in group chats.

Like instant messaging, video conferences have become an integral part of today’s business communication and facilitate collaboration across the world. However, since sensitive information or trade secrets may be shared without a second thought during conference calls, strict data protection is paramount.

After Threema Work for Android introduced end-to-end encrypted calls with up to 16 participants some time ago, Threema Work for iOS now follows suit, unleashing the full potential of group calls for all users.

Just like any other communication in Threema Work, group calls are, of course, protected by rock-solid end-to-end encryption (technical details concerning the implementation can be found in the Cryptography Whitepaper on p. 26). Besides that, they offer maximum flexibility: to initiate a call, simply tap the phone icon in a group chat, and the other members will receive a notification inviting them to join.

Group calls are available as of Threema Work 5.6k for iOS (and as of Threema Work 5.0k for Android). However, administrators can disable group calls using the configuration setting th_disable_group_calls.