Threema Work and Healthcare – A Perfect Match

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Threema Work and Healthcare – A Perfect Match

There’s hardly a business sector where Threema Work isn’t widely adopted. IT service providers, political parties, and educational institutions rely on Threema Work, just like renowned companies in retail, the hotel business, and in the automotive industry use Threema’s business solution (see Success Stories).

Threema Work is the perfect fit wherever corporate communication has to be fast, straightforward, and secure. In one industry, these requirements apply to particularly high degree: healthcare.

Besides a fast response time and general reliability, data protection and security are crucial factors in medical communication. After all, patient data is inherently personal, and it often contains highly sensitive information. When exchanging such data, strict compliance with data-protection standards is imperative.

With its consistent focus on security and data protection, Threema Work is perfectly suited for professional use in the healthcare sector. It enables organizations such as hospitals, medical practices, clinics, and pharmacies to take full advantage of the many benefits instant messaging provides – without sacrificing data privacy in the process.

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