Threema Broadcast: One-to-Many Communication the Easy Way

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Threema Broadcast: One-to-Many Communication the Easy Way

Threema Work is primarily known for unparalleled privacy protection and state-of-the-art security. But the tried and tested messaging solution also packs a substantial set of features. Powerful tools like Threema Broadcast allow companies to unlock the full potential of instant messaging for business purposes. Threema Broadcast provides a variety of easy and straightforward ways to incorporate targeted one-to-many communication into everyday work life.

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Efficient Information Distribution with a Single Click

No matter whether it’s the entire workforce, individual departments, specific suppliers, certain or all customers you wish to address, it only takes a few clicks to send text, image, and file messages in Threema Broadcast’s intuitive web interface. While centrally managed group chats, distribution lists, and news feeds are best for broad information distribution, chat bots can be used to create interactive information systems in no time.

A Wide Range of Use Cases

Thanks to its versatile nature, Threema Broadcast covers a wide range of use cases – not just in terms of information distribution but also as far as employee engagement and business continuity are concerned. Here are a few examples:

The German retail chain EDEKA uses Threema Broadcast for communication with retail stores. Maintenance of distribution lists is carried out automatically by means of API calls. In the event of outages or downtime, specified user groups will automatically be alerted via Threema, and the executive board periodically sends messenger newsletters to the staff.

Daimler also appreciates Threema Broadcast’s rich feature set. Since the start of the Corona pandemic, the German car manufacturer has been using the communication tool to stay in touch with its employees. Furthermore, Threema Broadcast serves as a channel for communication with suppliers and during events.

The city of Bern showcases how Threema Broadcast can be used for external communication: The residents of the Swiss capital have the option to receive messages from the city administration directly in Threema.

Business continuity: In the event of outages or downtime of the internal infrastructure, Threema Broadcast is an ideal tool to reach employees and external partners in the fastest and most straightforward manner.

Threema Broadcast: Integral Part of Threema Work

Threema Broadcast is part of the tried and tested business solution Threema Work. To discover the various benefits instant messaging provides for corporate communication, simply activate a free trial, and evaluate Threema Broadcast in your team without any obligation.

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