What is Threema Broadcast?

Threema Broadcast is a web interface that allows for convenient top-down communications via Threema. Use Threema Broadcast to communicate with employees, customers, and third parties.

Besides classic distribution lists and central groups, where you add and manage the recipients yourself, Threema Broadcast also offers feeds and bots. Feeds are dynamic newsletters; users can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. Bots allow to conveniently retrieve information via Threema.

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Both feeds and distribution lists are meant for top-down communications.

As far as distribution lists are concerned, you decide who the recipients are. You can add and remove Threema IDs to distribution lists at any time.

Feeds are similar to newsletters. Users can subscribe to and unsubscribe from feeds on their own. As Broadcast administrator, you can also subscribe and unsubscribe users from feeds. A feed’s blacklist allows to prevent certain users from subscribing to the feed.

Activate Availability: Internal only to prevent external users from subscribing to feeds.

Threema Broadcast allows to centrally create and manage group chats. These chats can be managed directly from the Threema Broadcast interface on a desktop computer. Messages sent to such a group chat will also be sent to the Threema Broadcast server since the respective Broadcast ID is also a group member. However, if the setting “Save chat history” (see below) is disabled, the server will discard incoming group messages right away.

Groups can contain up to 256 members. To send messages to more recipients, please use feeds and distribution lists.

Save chat history

To receive incoming group messages in Threema Broadcast, enable “Save chat history”.

By default, “Save chat history” is disabled. When enabled, the group’s name is prefixed with a cloud icon (“☁️”), which serves as permanent indicator to let group members know whether the group chats’ contents are centrally stored or not. If this setting is changed, all group members will automatically be notified.

Please note that it’s currently not possible to receive media and files, only text messages.

Querying group settings

Members of centrally managed group chats can send “profile” to the relevant Broadcast ID to query the “Save chat history” setting.

Regular groups

Please note: The “Save chat history” setting does not affect groups created in the app. All groups created in the app are managed in decentralized manner, and only group members have access to the chat history, nobody else.

Currently, the sending of text / image and file messages (50MB) is supported. At this time, it is not possible to create polls using Threema Broadcast.

A Broadcast ID is a Threema ID that can be used exclusively in Threema Broadcast. Broadcast IDs begin with an asterisk (*), followed by “BC”, and consist of eight characters in total. You will receive one randomly generated Broadcast ID per price plan. Example: *BC4W4O3

A custom Broadcast ID will be created for a one-time fee of CHF 490.–.

Like other Broadcast IDs, custom IDs begin with an asterisk (*) and consist of eight characters in total; the seven characters following the asterisk must be letters or digits, special characters are not allowed. Example: *THREEMA

Threema can reject requested Broadcast IDs without stating any reasons. Custom Broadcast IDs that violate the rights of third parties, in particular trademarks and copyrights, or that violate any law may be blocked by Threema at any time.

Yes, Threema Broadcast is accessible via a software interface. The API allows to dispatch Broadcast messages and manage feeds, distribution lists, and groups.

For technical details, please refer to the API documentation.

The most recent versions of Chrome/Chromium, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari are supported.

Internet Explorer ist not supported.

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