Can I use Threema on multiple devices simultaneously?

You can use Threema on multiple devices, however, currently only one device per ID is supported. Here's how you can send and receive messages on multiple devices:

  1. Tablet: Create a second ID for your additional device, e.g. a tablet.
  2. Tablet: Do not link this ID with your email address or your phone number. Use Surname/First Name-Tablet as the nickname for this device so it is recognized as such by your contacts.
  3. Tablet: Use your tablet to scan your smartphone's ID and save this contact as “My smartphone”.
  4. Smartphone: Scan your tablet's ID with your smartphone and save this contact as “My tablet”.
  5. Smartphone: Create a group with the contact “My tablet” and the ID of your chat partner.
  6. That's it. You can now have a conversation on all your devices, displayed as a group chat with your contact.

Please note: Two IDs cannot be linked to the same phone number or email, otherwise you would loose that connection of your current ID.

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