What happened to “Android Backup”?

Due to its low reliability, “Android Backup” is no longer available in Threema 3.6 for Android and above. Please use Threema Safe and/or create data backups.

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There are PDF documents for the different platforms available where all backup options are explained in detail:

Overview of All Backup Options

A data backup allows you to move your chats, groups, and contacts (including their verification level) to your new or reset phone. Moving data backups between devices is only possible within the same operating system. If you switch the OS (e.g., from iOS to Android), you can transfer your ID, contacts, groups, and privacy settings using Threema Safe. And you can always export chats.

  1. In the “Backup Path” section, tap “Change,” and follow the on-screen instructions to define where the backup will be created on your device’s file system.
  2. Tap the “Create data backup” button in the lower right corner.
  1. Create an ID export on your previous device: Tap on “My Profile,” then select “ID export,” and activate the option “Include in phone backup” after exporting your ID. Make sure to store this password in a safe place; without it, you won’t be able to restore the exported ID.
  2. Transfer your data using Quick Start from your old to the new device (or create an encrypted iTunes or computer backup of your old device, and restore it on your new device).
  3. When starting Threema for the first time, tap “Restore from Backup,” select “Keep local data,” and tap “ID Export.” The ID-export string is prepopulated. What’s left to do for you is to enter the ID export’s password and to confirm by tapping “Done.”
  4. Make sure your data was transferred correctly. If that’s the case, delete your ID on your old phone to make sure you receive notifications on the new device: on your old phone, open the “My Profile” tab, and select “Delete Data and ID.”

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