Threema for iOS: Web client and more

Threema for iOS: Web client and more

Threema 4.0 for iOS is here! This major update adds support for Threema Web and allows to adjust notification settings on a per-chat basis. On top of that, it includes other enhancements as well as several under-the-hood improvements.

Web client for iOS

With Threema Web, you can conveniently use Threema on the desktop without compromising security. Simply connect Threema with your browser by scanning a QR code. You can then send and receive Threema messages on your computer, where all your chats are fully available. Save or send images and other files with ease by dragging and dropping.

As with the web client for Android, Threema Web for iOS was developed with security and privacy in mind. The communication between phone and PC is fully end-to-end encrypted, and after the session is terminated, the synchronized messages are immediately deleted in the browser. Technical details are documented in the Cryptography Whitepaper.

Individual notification settings

Notification settings can now be adjusted on a per-chat basis, allowing you to disable or mute notifications of any single or group chat indefinitely or for a specified amount of time. If, for example, the current topic of a group conversation does not concern you, simply deactivate notifications of the group for a given amount of time.

The 4.0 update includes many other changes and additions. For example, you can now delete multiple media files at once and create groups of up to 100 members. For all the details, please refer to the change log.