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Threema 5.4 for Android

Improved support for large font sizes

Improved the display of notifications with media preview

Various bug fixes

Fixed various UI glitches

GIFs are now rendered using Glide

Restored connection fallback functionality in case of blocked ports or IPv6 issues

Improvements in relation to Perfect Forward Secrecy

Updated WebRTC

Added Swiss German translation

Various under-the-hood improvements

Optimizations and bug fixes

Added a highlighter function to image editor

Support for animated WebP images

Numerous optimizations and bug fixes

Fixed a bug where unknown group members were accidentally added to the contact list

Guided self-help for various system-configuration problems

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Fixed a crash that occurred when the app had no permission to show notifications

Fixed an UI bug in the group details

Added translations

New: Star messages to quickly find them again in the future (starred messages appear in “⋮ > Starred messages”)

Option for periodic deletion of old messages after a specified amount of time (Settings > Media & Storage > Storage Management > Delete automatically)

Improved wakeup of desktop app and web client when using Threema Push

Improved group management

Logging improvements

Various bug fixes

Fix stability issues on some Android 13 phones

Emoji 15.0 support (e.g., donkey and ginger emoji)

Fixed various bugs in relation to playing voice messages

Other improvements and minor bug fixes

Fixed a bug related to rotating the phone when the light/dark mode of the device and the app was set differently

Improved PFS warning messages

Fixed minor UI bugs

Refreshed UI design with support for Material You and Dynamic Colors

Improved voice message player

PFS enabled by default

Wizard for permission management

Various functional and performance improvements

Fix to prevent possible database corruption on some configurations

Threema Libre: Twemoji is used by default to display emojis

Fixed a bug in relation to linking a phone number with a Threema ID in the setup wizard

Fixed a bug that could prevent calls from being started in certain conditions

When joining group calls with lots of participants, the mic is now automatically muted

Improved indication of ongoing group calls in chat overview

Improvements in relation to editing groups

Improvements in relation to Threema Safe error messages

Fixed a bug that could lead to redundant status messages in relation to group calls

Other improvements and minor bug fixes

Text formatting is now supported in GIF captions

Fixed a bug that caused voice messages on some smartphones to be distorted

Updated the Zip4j library to the current version (fixes CVE-2023-22899)

Restoring a backup will now be cancelled if an incompatible backup file is used

Voice messages from contacts with an iOS device will now be forwarded as voice messages instead of audio files

A system notification will now be displayed if a contact downgraded to an app version that does not support Perfect Forward Secrecy

Adjustment of the data backup so that file names no longer show metadata (reported by Thore Göbel)

Other improvements and minor bug fixes

Video preview is now seekable

Improved precision when trimming videos

Minor improvements and bug fixes

Group call notifications now respect the “Do not disturb” setting

Minor improvements and bug fixes

Minor improvements and bug fixes

Threema for Android Introduces Group Calls

New: end-to-end encrypted group calls (audio and video)

New: agree/disagree feature also available in group chats

New: edit received images on the fly and send them right back (tap and hold > pencil icon)

New: send and receive messages with Perfect Forward Secrecy

Support for new chat server protocol

Minor bug fixes

Security improvements:

  • Improve chat server authentication protocol to prevent a payload confusion and a theoretical replay issue
  • Introduce an additional warning message if a connection from another device using the same Threema ID has been detected since the last time that the app was used
  • Disable compression of Threema Safe backups to rule out the theoretical possibility of a compression oracle
    Thanks to Kenny Paterson, Matteo Scarlata and Kien Tuong Truong of the Applied Cryptography Group at ETH Zurich for bringing these issues to our attention
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Improved UI of voice-message player

Various improvements in video editor

Minor bug fixes

Starting with this version, Threema is also available via F-Droid. Learn more…

Threema can now also be used as a maps app to display “geo:” URIs from external apps

The order of emojis has been adjusted to the standard

Minor bug fixes

New design of recently added contacts with additional options

Support for “geo:” URIs

Bug fixes

Various new emojis as per Unicode 14 standard (e.g., the melting face)

Spam-reporting option for new contacts

Various improvements and bug fixes

Various new emojis as per Unicode 13.1 standard (e.g., the heart on fire)

Emojis are now searchable by name and meaning

Constant colors for contacts and groups without a profile picture

Snappier scrolling in lists

Optimized UI in media editor

Miscellaneous bug fixes and various other improvements

New: Create ephemeral distribution lists on the fly (tap and hold multiple recipients)

Belarusian and Norwegian (Bokmål) localization

Miscellaneous minor improvements and bug fixes

Threema Push for Android

Threema Push: Instant notifications without Google services

Before sharing contacts, you can specify which contact details to share

Distribution list optimizations

QR scanner improvements

Miscellaneous bug fixes and various other improvements

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Fixed a crash related to text selection on some MIUI 13 devices

Workaround for a privacy issue of Google’s current version of the Gboard keyboard app

When cropping videos in the media preview, the OS gesture control is now disabled

Fixed a crash on certain Samsung devices running Android 11

Consistent phone-number links in message text

Fixed an issue concerning the badge counter on certain Sony devices

Possible fix for an audio issue that might occur during voice calls on certain devices

Miscellaneous bug fixes and various other improvements

Maps are now rendered using MapLibre instead of the Mapbox library

Miscellaneous bug fixes and other minor improvements

Restored previous behavior when scanning QR codes using “Scan ID” button in identity popup

Problems with unread messages badge on some Sony devices fixed

Improved handling of share targets and launcher shortcuts

Added Hungarian translation

Various bug fixes and minor improvements

Various bug fixes and minor improvements

Security fix: A malicious directory server could theoretically trick a client into encrypting an arbitrary message to another user. The protocol and apps were updated to prevent this. The issue was never exploitable without having privileged access to Threema infrastructure (reported by Jonathan Krebs, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg).

Miscellaneous minor improvements and bug fixes

Please note: This update requires Android 5.0 or later. Learn more…

In poll results, abstentions are now listed separately

Key fingerprint replaced with public key in UI

Enhanced support for Scoped Storage

Numerous under-the-hood improvements

Various bug fixes and minor improvements

Several minor bug fixes

Text adjustments in Settings

QR code scanner problem on Android 8 devices fixed

Slovak localization

Miscellaneous minor bug fixes

Contact-specific settings for read receipts and typing indicator

Incoming calls can be muted by pressing the phone’s power button

Various small improvements and bug fixes

Completely revamped contact synchronization

A badge in the Contacts tab indicates that new contacts have been added

Threema calls: A short vibration indicates that the other party has activated the camera (if in-app vibration is turned on)

When sharing individual media messages with other apps, captions can be maintained (and edited)

When editing images, the message recipient is displayed in the text input field

Catalan localization

Various other improvements and several bug fixes

Selectable playback speed for voice messages

Improved media selection with ability to scroll through and select in large view

Filtering in archive screen

Bug fixes

Voice messages that have been listened to are now flagged with an ear symbol

Design tweaks

Bug fixes

New: Mark chats as unread (long press chat in chat overview, and select “Mark as unread”)

Improved compatibility of video transcoding

Better performance of media picker

Added Japanese and Chinese (traditional) translations

Removed media search

Various small improvements and bug fixes

Various minor bug fixes

Image editor: Automatic recognition of faces. Blur or cover with an emoji (works best with high-resolution images)

Create polls: Re-sort answers using drag and drop

Media gallery: New “Show in chat” feature

Bug fixes, optimizations, and design improvements

New Features Galore

Media drawer: Tap the paperclip icon to browse your media files in a scrollable drawer

Image search (optional): Search your images for common objects, activities, and places (The image recognition is based on a local machine learning model and does not send data to Threema's server or any third party)

Sending media files: Send images with individual resolutions without having to change the global settings

Video editor: Trim videos before sending

Save to gallery: On Android 10 and above, media is now stored in the system’s Pictures, Video, Music, and Documents folders due to new “Scoped Storage” requirements by Google

Global search: Search for text across all chats

Quotes: Quote any type of media, including images, videos, and voice messages

100 new emojis: Including the long-awaited fondue

Larger groups: Up to 256 members per group chat

Long text messages: To keep the chat interface lean, messages containing a lot of text are truncated and can be expanded on demand

Various other improvements and minor bug fixes

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Video call stability improvements

Improved call screen usability

Bug fixes

Improved stability and various minor bug fixes

Camera library updated

Various small bug fixes and reliability improvements

Optimized contact sync

Video Calls the Threema Way

New: Fully end-to-end encrypted video calls

Overview of open polls below the title bar of a chat

Privacy option to inhibit Smart Replies in Android 10 notifications

Continuous playback of subsequent voice messages

Several minor UI improvements

Turkish translation

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Built-in camera: Improved stability and support for additional devices

Threema Web: Fixed a bug that could lead to connection loss when transferring large files

Only devices running Android 4.1–4.3 receive this update.

Fixed Threema Web connection problems on devices running Android 4.1–4.3.

Fixed a bug that caused dismissed tooltip bubbles to reappear

Fixed occasional crash upon missed Threema call

Fixed missing notification of missed calls

Automatically download media based on content type (instead of message type)

Retain camera settings

Translation updates

Numerous bug fixes

Built-in video camera, new emojis, and more

This update requires Android 4.4 or above.

Built-in video recorder (selected devices, Android 8+)

Built-in video editor to trim videos (selected devices, Android 8+)

More than 100 new emojis from the Unicode 12 standard

Optional automatic download for videos and files

Extended image editing options

Improved appearance of stickers

Threema Web: stability improvements

Miscellaneous bug fixes and other improvements

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