Threema for Android: Built-in video camera, new emojis, and more

The 4.3 update brings several useful new features and a host of additional emojis to Threema for Android. As usual, the update fixes some bugs, and it also contains various other improvements.

Built-in video camera

You can now record and trim videos right in the Threema app. Open a chat, and tap the camera icon in the text-input field to launch the camera. You still take pictures by tapping the shutter button. However, if you hold down the button, a video will be recorded.

To zoom, slide your finger up and down, and to stop recording, simply release the button. If you wish to trim the video before sending it, move the sliders to the desired start and end position.

Over 100 new emojis

Emoji fans now have even more ways to spice up their chat messages. Threema 4.3 for Android is equipped with more than 100 new emojis from the Unicode 12 standard, including a yawning smiley, mechanical extremities, and the much-beloved sloth.

There’s more

This update packs several other new features and improvements. For example, automatic downloads can now also be enabled for files and videos, and the appearance of stickers and the audio-playback behavior have been optimized.

Update/download Threema for Android

System requirements: This update requires Android 4.4 or above. The video camera and the video editor are available on most devices running Android 8 or above.