Version history

Threema 2.0.0 for Windows Phone

  • Streamlined setup process
  • Delete old messages (in Settings > Media+Storage)
  • Delete a chat’s old messages
  • If you are a group’s administrator and “delete” the group in the chat overview, the group’s messages are deleted (locally), but the group (composition) remains intact
  • If the administrator deletes a group via the group’s detail view, all group members are removed from the group
  • If the administrator leaves a group, the other group members can still use the group, but it can no longer be modified or deleted
  • In-app notifications are no longer listed in the Action Center

Threema 3.0.1 for iOS (Release 25.09.2017)

  • Fixed a bug that could reset the nickname and/or profile picture in certain cases
  • Removed audio filter that caused low volume of voice recordings
  • Fixed a bug that could, in some rare cases, reset the Sync Contacts setting
  • On the lock screen, tap and hold the Threema icon to invoke the alphanumeric keyboard
  • General improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema 3.2 for Android (Release 14.09.2017)

  • Threema Calls: Tap-proof end-to-end encrypted voice calls
  • Integrated multimedia player
  • Improved display of pictures sent as a file
  • Record voice messages without a plugin

Threema 3.0 for iOS (Release 14.09.2017)

  • Voice calls (requires iPhone 5s / iOS 9 or above)
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when displaying image previews in the gallery
  • VoiceOver improvements
  • Contacts who use Threema Work are labeled with a briefcase icon
  • In the chat overview, received messages are labeled with an arrow icon
  • Even if the recipient has disabled the preview of push notifications, the “message delivered” symbol is displayed once the message was delivered
  • General improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema 3.17 for Android (Release 12.08.2017)

  • Fix for sporadic sqlcipher slowdown on some devices
  • Workaround for non-blinking LED on Android 7.0 devices when device is set to silent & no vibration

Threema 2.10.2 for iOS (Release 24.08.2017)

  • Quick media-file selection
  • Send up to 10 images at once
  • New gallery
  • Mark chats as unread by swiping right in the chat overview
  • Mark unread messages as read in the chat overview by swiping right
  • Clone groups
  • No status icon is displayed in the chat overview for drafts
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the first group message from being received after joining a group
  • Various VoiceOver improvements
  • General improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema 1.9.0 for Windows Phone (Release 15.05.2017)

  • Optional profile picture with full control over who receives it and who doesn't
  • Display contacts’ profile pictures (optional)
  • List of untitled groups
  • Various bug fixes and other improvements

Threema 3.16 for Android (Release 04.08.2017)

  • Improved Android O compatibility
  • Experimental «immediate push notifications» option
  • Bug fixes

Threema 2.10.0 for iOS (Release 15.05.2017)

  • Optional profile picture with full control over who receives it and who doesn't
  • Design improvements
  • Security: Improved message duplicate detection
  • Fix response to group messages from non-members
  • Various bug fixes

Threema 3.15 for Android (Release 17.07.2017)

  • Various Bug fixes
  • Improved reliability of push notifications on some configurations
  • Fixed double posting of GIFs

Threema 3.14 for Android (Release 15.05.2017)

  • Optional profile picture with full control over who receives it and who doesn't
  • Increased stability of data backup
  • Optimized notifications for Android Nougat
  • Security: Improved message duplicate detection
  • Fix response to group messages from non-members
  • Samsung DeX compatibility
  • Various bug fixes and design tweaks

Threema 1.8.0 for Windows Phone (Release 19.04.2017)

  • Unsent messages are saved as drafts
  • Messages can be deleted in bulk by using the new selection tool
  • Blacklist for individual contacts (by enabling “Block contact” in a contact’s detail view)
  • Streamlined backup and restore process; the Threema ID is now included in data backups
  • The status of a chat’s latest message is now indicated in the chat overview
  • A new setting (in Settings > Privacy) allows to specify whether contacts are sorted by first or by last name
  • Bug fixes and miscellaneous other improvements

Threema 2.9.1 for iOS (Release 18.04.2017)

  • Resolved an issue leading to high battery usage in certain circumstances
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes

Threema 3.13 for Android (Release 27.03.2017)

  • Bug fixes

Threema 1.7.0 for Windows Phone (Release 13.02.2017)

  • New design featuring circular contact pictures
  • Support for basic text markup: *bold*, _italic_, and ~strikethrough~
  • URL actions for adding IDs and composing messages
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.9.0 for iOS (Release 28.03.2017)

  • Message preview in push notifications (optional; requires iOS 10 or later)
  • Interactive push notifications (requires message preview to be enabled): reply, agree, or disagree (also works on the Apple Watch)
  • Date/time picker for easy scheduling of appointments in polls
  • VoiceOver improvements in regard to audio messages
  • Numerous other improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.8.1 for iOS (Release 16.02.2017)

  • Message drafts
  • Divider for unread messages
  • Message details for incoming messages
  • Support for Dutch
  • Various VoiceOver improvements
  • Numerous other improvements and bug fixes

Threema 3.1 for Android (Release 02.03.2017)

  • New image editor: Insert stickers, add text, and draw on images before sending them
  • Several bug fixes and general improvements

Threema 3.0 for Android (Release 15.02.2017)

Threema 2.8.0 for iOS (Release 12.12.2016)

  • Message quoting (long-tap a text message and then tap the quote icon in the menu)
  • Romansh translation
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.94 for Android (Release 05.12.2016)

  • Bug fixes and various small improvements

Threema 1.6.4 for Windows Phone (Release 13.12.2016)

  • Quick image selection
  • Send existing videos
  • Set resolution for video recording
  • Bug fixes and general improvements

Threema 1.6.3 for Windows Phone (Release 25.10.2016)

  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.7.5 for iOS (Release 02.11.2016)

  • Various small improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.93 for Android (Release 24.11.2016)

  • Support for emoji skin colors
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.92 for Android (Release 10.11.2016)

  • Quote feature for text messages
  • Improved navigation drawer design and streamlined navigation
  • Integration of Threema Channel
  • Rumantsch translation
  • Numerous improvements and optimizations

Threema 2.7.4 for iOS (Release 19.10.2016)

  • Support adding inline captions when sending images (from an external app via share extension, e.g. from "Photos", or when forwarding an image within the app)
  • Improved 3D Touch handling on images
  • Messages consisting of a single emoji are now shown in larger size (can be disabled in font size settings)
  • VoiceOver improvements
  • Various other small improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.91 for Android (Release 7.10.2016)

  • Easier scheduling of appointments thanks to date/time picker for polls
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Threema 1.6.1 for Windows Phone (Release 4.10.2016)

  • Improved background processes (image uploads and notifications)
  • Backup to/restore from local device
  • Bug fixes and general improvements

Threema 2.7.3 for iOS (Release 20.07.2016)

  • Support adding received passes to Wallet
  • Bug fixes

Threema 2.82 for Android (Release 28.07.2016)

  • Quick select popup dialog for images
  • Chat view design enhancements
  • Improved image preview dialog
  • Many improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.81 for Android (Release 23.06.2016)

  • Add captions to images and files
  • Mark conversations as private and hide them from prying eyes
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.7.2 for iOS (Release 08.06.2016)

  • Support for text markup with *word* (bold), _word_ (italic) and ~word~ (strikethrough)
  • Bug fixes

Threema 2.8 for Android (Release 17.05.2016)

  • Support for simple text markup: *bold*, _italic_, and ~strikethrough~
  • Option to edit images before sending
  • Up to 10 images can be sent at once
  • Improved handling of multiple files of different type shared from other apps
  • Improved stability of data backup process
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Threema 1.5.0 for Windows Phone 8 (Release 03.02.2016)

  • New agree/disagree feature
  • Increased max group size to 50 and improved group management
  • Configurable chat background and new default wallpaper
  • Configurable message bubble colors
  • Optimized media storage management (delete media files of a chat or globally)
  • Bug fixes and many improvements

Threema 2.7.1 for iOS (Release 25.04.2016)

  • Bug fixes

Threema 2.7.0 for iOS (Release 11.04.2016)

  • Share extension: send images, videos or files from within other apps via Threema
  • Bug fixes and VoiceOver improvements

Threema 2.7 for Android (Release 04.04.2016)

Important message for users of Motorola devices with Android 6.0:
Move Threema to the internal storage before performing an update with Google Play. Due to a firmware bug, paid apps installed on the SD card may lose all their data.
  • Animated GIFs are now displayed directly in chat bubbles
  • Media gallery supports additional attachment types
  • Connection loss indicator on all major screens
  • Group cloning feature
  • Bug fixes

Threema 2.6.2 for iOS (Release 30.03.2016)

  • Directly display animated GIFs in chats
  • Increased maximum duration of video messages (3 minutes for high quality and 15 minutes for low quality)
  • All file types are now listed in media
  • Bugfixes

Threema 2.6.1 for iOS (Release 08.02.2016)

  • Bugfixes
  • VoiceOver improvements

Threema 2.61 for Android (Release 04.02.2016)

  • Bug fixes
  • Redesigned UI flow for polls
  • Support for direct share (Android 6.0)
  • 150 additional flag emojis

Threema 2.6.0 for iOS (Release 01.02.2016)

  • Dark theme
  • New Agree-/Disagree Feature
  • Increased max group size to 50
  • Redesigned ID creation process
  • New default wallpaper
  • More VoiceOver improvements

Threema 2.6 for Android (Release 21.01.2016)

  • New Agree-/Disagree Feature
  • Individual notification settings for each chat
  • Raised max. group size to 50
  • New and improved setup process
  • 170 new emojis added
  • New PIN lock screen with support for fingerprint reader and other system lock screen facilities (Android 6.0+)
  • Status messages for incoming or changed poll votes
  • Performance improvements
  • Two obsolete permissions removed

Threema 1.4.2 for Windows Phone 8 (Release 29.09.2015)

  • Landscape mode for chats
  • Configurable message text size
  • Additional privacy settings
  • Completely delete Threema ID and data on device
  • Bug fixes and many improvements

Threema 2.5.0 for iOS (Release 07.12.2015)

  • Support for 3D Touch (iPhone 6s & 6s plus only)
  • VoiceOver improvements for voice messages
  • Bugfixes

Threema 2.53 for Android (Release 26.10.2015)

  • Android M compatibility
  • Option to re-send failed messages directly from notification
  • New default wallpaper
  • Improved user invites
  • Bug fixes

Threema 2.4.3 for iOS (Release 12.11.2015)

  • New group creation process
  • Better group visibility and management
  • Redesigned contact details
  • Fulltext search also includes files and polls
  • Some nice UI tweaks
  • Option to disable push notifications per contact
  • Bugfixes

Threema 2.51 for Android (Release 16.09.2015)

Release highlights

  • Optional dark theme
  • Multi-select, multi-delete and multi-forward messages in chat
  • Storage management for messages, media and files


  • Advanced image editing before sending (crop, rotate)
  • New location chooser
  • Display received locations in any map application
  • Supports launcher icon badges on more plattforms (Samsung, LG, HTC)
  • Setting to use system’s own emojis
  • Redesigned bottom sheet, contact and group detail views and settings
  • Send address book entries directly from chat
  • Share text and images to external applications
  • Configurable polling frequency
  • Various smaller functional improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.4.0 for iOS (Release 29.07.2015)

  • Send any type of file (pdf, animated gif, mp3, doc, zip, etc.) *
  • Group chats now support up to 30 members
  • Many improvements and bug fixes
  • *) if supported by the recipient's phone. Up to 20MB.

Threema 1.3.1 for Windows Phone 8 (Release 12.08.2015)

  • Remove members from group
  • Synchronization of group members
  • Light and dark theme support
  • Show URLs, e-mail addresses and phone numbers in message text as hyper links
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Threema 2.4 for Android (Release 14.07.2015)

  • Send any type of file (pdf, animated gif, mp3, doc, zip, etc.) up to 20 MB in size
  • Fully end-to-end encrypted group chats now support up to 30 members
  • New app icon and improved status icons
  • Own picture removed from chat view
  • Settings moved to navigation drawer
  • Linkify email addresses and phone numbers in chats
  • In groups, use new “chat with...” action to chat with a particular group member
  • Add new IDs directly from recipient list
  • Scan IDs directly from navigation drawer
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.4.2 für iOS (Release 10.08.2015)

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements

Threema 2.4.1 for iOS (Release 31.07.2015)

  • Fixed issue preventing the app from running on iOS 7 and lower
  • Full text search for messages in chats
  • Bugfixes and minor improvements

Threema 1.2.2 for Windows Phone 8 (Release 10.06.2015)

  • Bug fixes and many improvements

Threema 2.3.1 for iOS (Release 11.05.2015)

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements

Threema 2.3.1 for Android (Release 30.04.2015)

  • Option to add local contact pictures to unlinked contacts
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.3.0 for iOS (Release 29.04.2015)

  • Enjoy Threema on the iPad. We made the app iPad compatible
  • Improved group management: now the group administrator can remove group members from a group
  • Better support for accessibility (VoiceOver)

Threema 1.2.1 for Windows Phone 8 (Release 04.05.2015)

  • Group administration: create a group and add new group members
  • Colored default avatars
  • Bug fixes and many improvements

Threema 2.3 for Android (Release 16.04.2015)

  • Administrators can kick members from groups
  • Enhanced image preview (multi-select, add, rotate, sort, remove)
  • Comprehensive full text search in conversations
  • Include media files when sharing chats
  • Redesigned emoji picker with new emojis and flags
  • Improved smart watch support
  • Use proximity sensor to determine audio output of voice messages
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes
  • Updated translations

Threema 2.2.0 for iOS (Release 30.03.2015)

This release brings:

  • Revoke IDs: By defining a revocation password in MyID you can permanently revoke the ID via
  • Open polls can now be deleted
  • Fixed audio messages on iOS7

Threema 2.21 for Android (Release 4.3.2015)

This version is mainly a bugfix release. It also adds a few smaller improvements and features:

  • Set an individual ringtone for each contact
  • Set password for key revocation directly from within the app. If your ID gets lost or stolen simply revoke it here.
  • Widget to display unread messages on desktop or lock screen
  • Bug fixes and improvements

The voice message plugin was also updated to 1.1. It now allows you to preview recorded voice messages before sending them.

Threema 2.2 for Android (Release 12.02.2015)

This release brings:

  • Video compression (Android 4.3+)
  • Launch video camera directly from chat
  • Display text messages as QR code, scan any QR code and send as a text message (Facilitates transferring passwords etc. from a chat message to another device)
  • Individual wallpapers for each chat
  • Optionally save encrypted ID to Android Backup (if enabled)
  • Preparations for advanced group administration
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Threema 2.1.1 for iOS (Release 11.02.2015)

This release brings:

  • Forwarding of messages to other users or groups
  • Improvements to increase randomness when generating a new ID (by including data of the device's movements)
  • Closed polls can now be deleted
  • Preparations for advanced group administration (will be activated with next release)
  • And we did some bugfixes
Poll feature

Threema 2.1.0 for iOS and Threema 2.1 for Android (Release 12.01.2015)

Welcome to a completely new feature in the messaging world. How often do you need to find an agreement with your friends or partner? Where to meet for dinner? What presents to buy for christmas?

With the Threema Poll Feature, this just became a breeze:

  • easily create a poll with a predefined set of choices
  • let your friends vote for their favorite
  • view the summed up results
  • single and multiple choice are supported
  • decide if intermediate results can be seen by the participants

It has never been that easy to decide on something with your peers.

Last but not least: you can now turn off group notifications in the iOS version, and we've fixed a couple of bugs too.

Threema for Windows Phone 8 (Release 06.01.2015)

  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Threema for Windows Phone 8 (Release 10.12.2014)

  • Integrate HockeyApp
  • Various small improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.0.0 for iOS (Release 14.12.2014)

We made lots of improvements for better usability


  • Option to hide stale contacts (inactive for more than three months)
  • New chat header with quick access to media (including videos)
  • Allow editing contact immediately after scanning
  • Display a text message as a QR code by using the "Share" menu – simplifies securely transferring passwords etc. from a chat message to another device
  • Scan a QR code by long-tapping the text input field


  • Modernized default contact and group avatar icons
  • Redesigned image and video message bubbles


  • Performance boost for long conversations
  • Russian translation

Threema 2.0 for Android (Release 09.12.2014)

Threema now supports Android Wear smartwatches and is optimized for tablets. The update further includes:


  • Material design inspired menus, toolbars, etc.
  • Redesigned navigation drawer
  • Floating action buttons


  • Hide stale contacts (inactive > 3 months)
  • Notifications with picture/video preview
  • Search contacts in contact list
  • built-in image cropping dialog


  • Russian and Polish translations
  • Restore backups from any location (Android 4.4+)
  • Output ID backup to printer and PDF (Android 4.4+)

Threema 1.9.5 for iOS (Release 25.10.2014)

  • Added Touch ID support to passcode lock
  • Added an option for including an encrypted ID backup in phone backups (run ID backup again to use this)
  • Fixed some UI glitches
  • Various small improvements and bug fixes

Threema for Windows Phone 8 (Release 27.11.2014)

  • First Release

Threema 1.71 for Android (Release 27.08.2014)

  • Media gallery for a quick overview of all pictures and videos in a chat
  • Directly call contacts from a chat
  • Display group memberships of each contact
  • Action URLs to add contacts or compose messages by simple web links
  • Add shortcuts to your launcher for quick access to a chat
  • Support for French, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Various improvements and fixes

Threema 1.9.4 for iOS (Release 05.10.2014)

  • Brand new audio player/recorder user interface
  • iPhone 6 native resolution support
  • Audio playback of voice messages now automatically switches when you raise the phone to your ear
  • Fixed passcode handling on iOS 8
  • Various small improvements and bug fixes

Threema 1.9.2 for iOS (Release 18.08.2014)

  • Added Spanish, Portuguese and Italian translations
  • Improved scrolling behavior with new messages in open chat
  • Map type selection in location view
  • Various bug fixes and cosmetic improvements

Threema 1.63 for Android (Release 02.07.2014)

  • Add members to existing groups
  • Optimized group management
  • Send voice messages (requires separate plugin)
  • Plugin management
  • Improved colors of contact images
  • Numerous small improvements and bug fixes

Threema 1.9.1 for iOS (Release 02.07.2014)

  • Send audio messages
  • Choose Points of Interest (POIs) when sending your location
  • Add members to existing groups in the group details screen (for group creator)
  • Tap chat to dismiss keyboard
  • Tap in-app preview to switch to chat
  • Copy links from messages by long-pressing them
  • Synchronize group member function in group details (for group creator)
  • Cosmetic improvements and bug fixes

Threema for iOS 1.8.2

  • Image adjustments are now honored again when sending images from an album
  • Added support for larger font sizes
  • Cosmetic fixes
  • Accessibility improvements

Threema for iOS 1.8.1

  • Added search bar for contact list
  • Multiple selection of up to 5 images/videos for sending (iOS 7 only)
  • Added delete button in photo browser
  • Extended URL actions
  • Image files can now be opened in Threema from other apps
  • Improved QR scanner
  • Background connection linger (after moving into the background, the app will stay connected to the server for up to 30 seconds)
  • Message sound/vibration is not played again when starting from push message
  • Various cosmetic improvements and bug fixes

Threema 1.42 for Android

  • Various improvements and bug fixes
  • Resend media files
  • New icon

Threema 1.8 for iOS

  • Selective blocking of contacts (in contact details view)
  • When viewing photos, an overview of all photos in the chat can be displayed
  • Show small sender contact photos in group chats
  • Group push sound can now be set separately
  • Various cosmetic, accessibility and bug fixes

Threema 1.41 for Android

  • Improved contact linking and synchronization
    • Threema now automatically creates a new entry in the system's address book upon an incoming message of a new contact.
    • Simply link or unlink contacts with system address book entries directly from the contact info screen.
  • Exclude individual contacts from synchronization
    • If you don't want a contact to be linked with the address book and keep auto-sync from overriding your local modification, just exclude it from synchronisation in the contact info screen or in Threema Settings > Privacy > Exclusion List.
  • Block individual contacts
    • Blacklist any contact from sending you further messages using the "Block contact" menu in the contact info screen or in Threema Settings > Privacy > Blacklist.
  • Internal picture viewer
    • View pictures directly from within Threema.
  • Selectable contact list sorting order
    • Sort your contacts by first or last name and display contact names last name first or first name first.
  • Threema QR code scanner plugin
    • Threema for Android now supports our new QR code scanner plugin (downloadable free from Google Play Store: QR Scanner Plugin for Threema). The ZXing Barcode Scanner app will still be used if it's already installed.
  • Improved group chat handling
    • Leave groups directly from the chat list. Colored name tags now make it easy to distinguish between different group members.
  • Further enhancements
    • Optimized quick scrolling in chats
    • "Unread messages" indicator in chats
    • Display user-selected nicknames for unknown contacts
    • Numerous small improvements and bug fixes