Secure voice calls: Now with Threema Work

Threema Work extends the functionality and convenience of the app with an important feature for security- and privacy-conscious businesses and organizations: tap-proof voice calls.

Threema calls are captivating with brilliant voice quality. Of course, calls are also end-to-end encrypted and meet the highest security requirements. With Threema Work, making phone calls is now just as secure and trustworthy as with regular Threema messages.

Neither a SIM card nor a phone number is required to use Threema calls. This allows you to make voice calls even on tablets or iPads.

Threema calls are extremely easy to use and free for anybody using WLAN or a flat rate mobile plan. This makes Threema Work especially attractive for secure internal voice communication – even across country borders.

Threema calls are available starting with Threema Work 3.0.1 (iOS) and 3.21k (Android).

To learn more, please refer to this page.