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What are the costs of using Threema OnPrem?

Like Threema Work, Threema OnPrem comes with the annual price for the total amount of end-user licenses; add to that the one-time setup fee plus a yearly flat fee to cover server license, software updates, and technical support. To get a quote, please contact us.

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Threema OnPrem is designed for companies looking for a self-hosted messaging service that provides total data ownership and the highest possible level of security and confidentiality (e.g., public authorities, industrial companies, police forces).

Threema OnPrem is typically recommended for a volume of 500 or more end-user licenses. To run and maintain a Threema OnPrem server, your company must be ready to invest in infrastructure, and technical know-how is, of course, an essential prerequisite. The needs of companies that don’t meet these requirements are covered by the SaaS solution Threema Work.

No. Although Threema OnPrem includes certain customization options (like integrating a logo into the app’s UI), white labeling as such is not supported.

Threema OnPrem is the self-hosted version of the SaaS solution Threema Work. When using Threema OnPrem, all data is stored on your company’s server, which translates to complete data ownership and total and exclusive control over every aspect of the communication tool. The app, the administration console, and the feature set of Threema OnPrem and Threema Work are, in essence, identical.

Threema OnPrem Threema Work
iOS, Android, web app

iOS, Android, web app
Gateway (Message API)
Possibility to communicate with users of the Threema and the Threema Work app
Server location Custom Switzerland
Recommended number of users >500 >15
Minimum contract duration 2 years 1 year
Price On request
End-user licenses, server license, setup fee, etc.
See Threema Work pricing

Threema OnPrem requires a Linux server (physical or virtual) with Docker. For smaller deployments of up to 1,000 users, 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM, and about 100 GB disk space are sufficient. Larger deployments of up to 100,000 users require 8 more CPU cores, 32 GB of additional RAM, and about 1 TB of disk space. These numbers are highly dependent on the usage intensity.

Threema OnPrem is an independent and completely self-contained chat environment. Users of Threema OnPrem can only communicate with other users of the same OnPrem instance. Using the Threema OnPrem app, it is therefore not possible to communicate with users of the Threema or the Threema Work app.

However, Threema, Threema Work, and Threema OnPrem can be used in parallel on the same device (but different Threema IDs have to be used).

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