At this point, we don’t accept pull requests for the Threema apps via GitHub. However, if you would like to provide a code contribution, please send the code via email by following the instructions below.

1. Sign the CLA

We require all contributors to sign our Contributor License Agreement (CLA) for non-trivial contributions. Please ensure that you have signed it before submitting a contribution.

Note that at all times you retain full ownership of your contributions. We only require a copyright license, not a copyright transfer.

2. Apply Your Changes to a Branch

Clone the git repository you whish to modify.

$ git clone$REPO

Create a new branch.

$ git checkout -b my-feature-or-fix

Apply your changes, test, and commit them.

3. Submit Patches

Once you are done, generate patch files using git format-patch:

$ git format-patch -n -o patches/ develop

This will result in one or more patch files (one per commit) in the patches/ directory. Please send us these patch files via email to, and mention how you have signed the CLA (via email, via mail, or via CLA Assistant). We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please understand that we cannot guarantee that we will accept your contribution. A bug may have already been fixed in our development version, a contribution may conflict with another contribution, or we may have other plans for Threema’s development. Nevertheless, you will hear back from us.