Threema for Windows Phone: New features and UI tweaks

With the latest update, Threema’s Windows Phone version gets some new features, the most important being the agree/disagree functionality: It allows to agree or disagree with an incoming message without triggering a push notification on the chat partner’s device. Instead, a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” icon appears next to the corresponding message. This feature is now available on all platforms.

Media files (i.e., videos, pictures and voice messages) can use up a considerable amount of disk space. For this reason, the media management has been enhanced, allowing you to delete media files globally or on a per-chat basis, which makes freeing up disk space a snap.

If some of your group chats are reaching the limit of members, we have good news for you: The maximum group size was raised to 50.

Those are three of the functional improvements of the update 1.5.0, but there are visual enhancements, too. The chat wallpaper is now customizable, the default being our illustrative all-over pattern, and you can adjust the color of speech bubbles to your liking.

For further details, please consult the change log.