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Version 2.6 for Android: Unique agree/disagree feature and more

Version 2.6 for Android: Unique agree/disagree feature and more

New agree/disagree feature, individual notification settings per chat, up to 50 members in group chats – those are just some of the additions Threema’s 2.6 update for Android provides.

New agree/disagree feature

Threema’s acknowledge feature enjoys great popularity. It allows to confirm an incoming message without triggering a push notification on the chat partner’s device, providing an unobtrusive way of stating that you have taken note of – and agree with – a message. There are times, however, when you have to (silently) disagree. With Threema 2.6 for Android, you can do that:

  • In a single chat, tap and hold on a received message.
  • In the header, “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” icons appear.
  • To agree or disagree with the selected message, tap “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, respectively.

This feature is currently only available in single chats on Android, but Threema versions for other platforms will follow.

Individual notification settings per chat

This might sound familiar: When disruption is most inconvenient, a lively discussion (on a topic you couldn't care less about) arises in some group chat, forcing you to take extreme measures like turning off your phone. With Threema 2.6 for Android, notification settings can be adjusted on a per-chat basis, allowing you to mute that one group chat specifically. You can choose to mute it indefinitely or only for a set amount of time.

Notification sounds can also be adjusted for each chat individually, enabling you to tell who has sent an incoming message before you pick up the phone.

Maximum group size raised to 50 and other improvements

Additions and changes in Threema 2.6 for Android include:

  • 170 new emojis added
  • Completely redesigned setup process
  • Raised max. group size to 50
  • New PIN lock screen with support for fingerprint reader and other system lock screen facilities (Android 6.0+)
  • Status messages for incoming or changed poll votes
  • Performance improvements
  • Two obsolete permissions removed
  • New agree/disagree feature
  • Individual notification settings for each chat

For further details, read the full change log.