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Threema Work’s management cockpit gets a load of new features

Threema Work’s management cockpit gets a load of new features

A few months ago, Threema Work was successfully launched. Threema Work is the privacy-compliant messaging solution for organizations. One of its benefits is the innovative management cockpit, which makes administration and user management a breeze. The management cockpit now gets many useful new features:

  • Customized contact list: The Threema Work app’s contact list can now be prepopulated with custom contacts. These contacts will be marked with two blue dots.

  • Overview of active users: Get an overview of all active users and the Threema IDs they have generated.

  • ID revocation: You can now revoke IDs directly from within the management cockpit. This is an effective way to prevent further use of these IDs, e.g. when a devices is stolen or a user leaves the company.

  • Custom support form: You can decide how your users will get first level support. Simply provide a URL to your own support form, which will then be integrated in the Threema Work app.

With these new features, Threema Work is even more useful. If you aren’t familiar with Threema Work, now is the time to find out what it’s all about: Visit the website