Threema MDM: Full control over the Threema Work app

Threema MDM: Full control over the Threema Work app

Threema Work introduces a groundbreaking innovation: Threema MDM. With this unique administration tool, the Threema Work app can be remotely configured from the management cockpit. This way, you can be sure that the app is set up correctly on the users’ mobile devices. Another highlight of the new management cockpit is the dashboard, which provides detailed insight into the usage of Threema Work.

App configuration with Threema MDM

Until now, the remote configuration of Threema Work required MDM software. Thanks to Threema MDM, every Threema Work administrator is now able to remotely set up the app for the users. For example, you can enable or disable contact synchronization with a single click. And if you define all profile settings in Threema MDM, your users are relieved from completing the initial setup process.

There’s even more to Threema MDM. You can selectively restrict the use of the app. For instance, disable voice calls, or limit the communication to internal contacts (closed user group).

Stay informed with the new dashboard

The management cockpit’s new dashboard keeps you up to date about the usage of your licenses. At a glance, you see, for example, how many users are active and on which operating systems the app is installed. Of course, your employees’ privacy is fully protected. The evaluated data is completely anonymized, and no personally identifiable information is collected.

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