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Improved Photo Handling in Threema for iOS

· Deutsche Version

There’s a minor Threema update for iOS available, which, among other things, includes some improvements in regard to photo handling.

On iOS 14, you can now grant the Threema app access to individual photos on the fly (instead of either granting access to the entire photo library or not granting access at all):

  1. Navigate to “iOS > Settings > Threema > Photos”
  2. Select “None”

If you tap the plus sign in a chat and select “Choose Existing,” you’ll be presented with iOS’s photo picker instead of Threema’s. This way, the Threema app only gets access to the photos you actually send, not to your entire photo library.

While captions could only be added when sending photos via the Share button prior to this update, it’s now possible to add captions right in the app. And if you select multiple photos at once, simply drag and drop them to define the order in which they are sent.

To learn about other changes and additions the 4.6.3 update contains, please refer to the changelog.

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