New emojis in Threema for Android

The latest Threema for Android incorporates a host of new emojis. Counting over 2600 different emojis (803 more than before), Threema now covers the full emoji set of Unicode 10.0 and Emoji 5.0.

Fans of the cute chat symbols will be pleased about the various new ways to express themselves. Here are some examples:

On Android and iOS, the same emojis are used. You can be sure that your emojis look exactly the same on the recipient’s end and evoke the intended emotions.

In addition to new emojis, the 3.3 update also includes other improvements, such as the option to automatically download incoming media files. In “Settings > Media & Storage > Automatically download media”, you can specify whether images and voice messages should be downloaded automatically when connected to a certain network type (Wi-Fi or mobile).

To get an overview of all improvements and additions, please refer to the change log.