New quote feature in Threema for Android

November 10, 2016
New quote feature in Threema for Android

Threema 2.92 for Android provides a handy quote feature which allows to unambiguously reference previous text messages. This can be particularly useful in lively group discussions.

To quote a text message, tap and hold it until the context menu appears in the title bar. There, tap the quotation mark icon, and the quoted message will appear above the text input field. You can then compose and send your message like you usually would. In the chat, the quoted message is indented and prepended to your new message (as well as marked with the color corresponding to its author) so that it’s evident what you are referring to.

We have also streamlined the menus and revised the navigation. New chats, group conversations, and distribution lists can now be created via the Floating Action Button (and no longer via the toolbar). And for better usability, we have reorganized and consolidated the items in the side drawer.

On top of that, this update includes numerous other improvements and optimizations along with some bug fixes. For more details, please consult the change log.