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“Snowden” — a movie for everyone, including those who have nothing to hide

“Snowden” — a movie for everyone, including those who have nothing to hide

Today, “Snowden” hits the big screen in Germany. We were able to watch Oliver Stone’s highly anticipated movie about the famous whistleblower last week, and we think it turned out very well, to say the least.

In summer 2013, when working at the NSA, Edward Snowden uncovered the largest mass-surveillance program of the world. Stone’s movie skillfully recounts the events surrounding what has since become known as the “Snowden revelations”. The movie shows what dramatic consequences Snowden was willing to accept in order to expose the dark deeds the intelligence services were engaged in. Without his intervention, we would probably to this day be unaware of the extent to which mass surveillance and targeted spying on politicians, business leaders, and human-rights activists was conducted.

“Snowden” was well received by the political press, too. The New York Times and the Washington Post praise Stone for managing to make a complex social issue graspable for all audiences.

Theatrical release: Germany, September 22 | Switzerland, October 6 | Trailer

Movie ticket giveaway

In cooperation with Universum Film and Pathé Films, we are giving away 30 × 2 tickets for “Snowden” (valid in Germany or Switzerland). To enter the giveaway, simply subscribe to the feed “Snowden” in the Threema Channel: First, add the Threema ID *THREEMA to your contacts; then, send the text “Snowden” and you automatically enter the contest.The deadline is September 30, 2016. All decisions are final. Good luck!