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Threema for iOS: Find Messages Across Chats

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Threema for iOS: Find Messages Across Chats

Imagine searching for an address, a restaurant recommendation, or anything else you’ve recently received via Threema – but you don’t remember who sent it. That’s where the new global search in Threema for iOS comes in handy: it allows you to search across all single, group, and archived chats at once.

The results include messages, image captions, contact names, and group names. Just enter a term in the search field, and you will get a list of chats and messages containing said term. To narrow down the results, you can filter them and only list messages from single chats, group chats, or archived chats.

Global Search in the New Desktop App

With a recent update of the beta version of Threema’s new desktop app, you can also take advantage of the global search functionality on the computer. In the desktop app, the results also include contacts in addition to existing chats and message content.

As of this update, the global search functionality is now available for Android and iOS. To learn more about the 5.9 update for iOS, please refer to the changelog.

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