New Merch Collection in Celebration of Data Privacy Day

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Today is Data Privacy Day, an international event held annually on January 28. Its purpose is to raise the public’s awareness for data protection on the Internet.

To celebrate the occasion, we have launched a collection of privacy-themed apparel and accessories. Here’s a small selection:

Join the movement, and show your support for data protection and privacy with statements like “Regain privacy” or “My data is nobody’s business.” To discover the entire merch collection, please follow this link:

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Data Protection Is More Than Just Encryption

Online services have started to realize that more and more users care about privacy. As a result, many put an emphasis on privacy protection in their marketing. More often than not, however, privacy protection is confused with security or, specifically, encryption. While encryption of user content is necessary for comprehensive privacy protection, it is by no means sufficient. If, for example, a chat service end-to-end encrypts the messages users exchange but at same time requires personally identifiable information and collects metadata for marketing purposes, that’s nowhere near comprehensive privacy protection.