Dark theme and agree/disagree feature now available on iOS

February 1, 2016
Dark theme and agree/disagree feature now available on iOS

With its latest Android update, Threema introduced a new agree/disagree feature. This handy feature is now also available on iOS. It enables you to agree or disagree with an incoming message without triggering a push notification on the chat partner’s device. Instead, a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” icon appears next to the corresponding message. This unique feature is not offered by any other messenger, which shows that – besides security – innovation is a driving force behind Threema’s development. The feature will be available on Windows Phone soon.

With its 2.6.0 update, the iOS version catches up with the Android version. Like on Android (and Windows Phone), there is now a dark theme available which looks sleek and elegant. Add to that the new chat wallpaper, which is another visual enhancement.

Furthermore, the maximum group size was raised to 50, VoiceOver support was improved to make Threema easier to use for the visually impaired, and thanks to the streamlined setup process, initially setting up Threema is now more intuitive and pleasant.

For all the details, read the change log.