Bosch uses Threema Work for mobile communication

More and more companies start to realize that employees would like to communicate with colleagues the way they are used to communicate with friends, i.e., using messaging apps. However, conventional chat services don’t meet the corporate requirements for data protection, security, and administration capabilities. If no alternative is put in place, employees will eventually resort to apps they use in their personal lives. As a result, a parallel IT emerges, and there is no strict separation between personal and professional communication.

This is where Threema Work comes in. The professional messaging solution for companies is tailored to the needs of organizations (central user management, pre-configuration of the app, full legal compliance, etc.) and provides the level of convenience users are accustomed to from similar consumer apps.

Numerous renowned companies rely on Threema Work for secure and efficient team communication. They are now joined by Bosch, a leading international technology company and service provider.

Read the Bosch success story and watch this video to learn how Bosch uses Threema Work: