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What is included when using Threema Work?

The Professional price plan of Threema Work includes 1 Threema Broadcast ID, where the number of recipients corresponds to the number of Enterprise licenses in Threema Work. If, for example, there are 80 Enterprise licenses in Threema Work, there are 80 recipients available in Threema Broadcast.

The use of multiple Broadcast IDs or the communication with more recipients than Threema Work users is not included and must be purchased by means of a separate Broadcast ID. Additional IDs are not linked with Threema Work.

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If Threema Broadcast is used in conjunction with Threema Work, the distribution list “All” gets automatically populated with all contacts of the corresponding Threema Work subscription (synchronization is performed once a day).

This ensures that all internal contacts of your Threema Work subscription are internal contacts in Threema Broadcast (cf. Availability: Internal only).

This notification appears if Availability: Internal only is enabled and groups or distribution lists contain Threema IDs that are not internal contacts of your Threema Work subscription. Possible reasons are:
  • A Threema ID that was detached from your Threema Work subscription is still member of a group or recipient of a distribution list.
  • You have added a Threema ID that’s not part of your Threema Work subscription to a group or distribution list.

The users in question will be removed from the distribution list “All” and any other distribution lists. However, they will not be removed from groups and feeds. As administrator, you can manually remove them from groups and feeds.

It’s not possible to log in to Threema Broadcast with your Threema Work credentials. Please log in to Threema Work, and use Threema Broadcast via Threema Work’s management cockpit.

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