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Video Calls Are on the Horizon

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A photo of someone is personally identifiable information of the purest form. That’s why photos are so commonly used to identify people; a prime example is the photo in your passport.

Video calls not only contain single photos, they consist of continuous images of the participants in real time. Therefore, they are more up to date and a lot richer in information than a simple photo. Even without taking into account the facial recognition technology available today, the potential for misuse is considerable.

Given this sensitive nature, video calls are particularly worthy of the security and privacy protection Threema provides. Also those who wrongly believe their privacy is not at stake when exchanging text messages must be aware of the potential dangers video calls pose, and everyone should shy away from services that lack proper security and privacy protection when it comes to video calls.

For the past few weeks, the participants of our beta program have put video calls to the test. Starting next week, all Threema users will be able to make video calls without having to worry about their privacy. Stay tuned!