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Threema 5.0 for iOS: Fresh, Fast, Modern

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Threema 5.0 for iOS: Fresh, Fast, Modern

The visual modernization of Threema’s iOS app has been under way for some time now: Version 4.8 marked the start of the overhaul, introducing newly designed contact and group details along with various new features. With the 4.9 update, the chat overview received a redesign. As the grand finale, Threema 5.0 for iOS now gives the chat view a fresh and modern look.

What might seem like a simple redesign of UI elements is actually a fundamental revision of the underlying code: we’ve rebuilt the chat view and the process of loading messages from scratch. Not only has the user interface received a modern touch, but the performance when loading and scrolling through chats has also improved.

Threema 5.0 iOS

The elements we have revised and modernized in Threema 5.0 for iOS include the following:

  • The title bar is now always visible and shows a contact’s name, profile picture, and verification level, as well as a call button. In group chats, the title bar includes the name, the group picture, and the members.
  • Voice messages can be played directly in the chat. If there’s a subsequent voice message, it will be played automatically after the current one.
    You can display the remaining time by tapping on the elapsed time (and vice versa).
  • Threema 5.0 iOS
  • When searching for a keyword in a chat, the results are now displayed in a neat list.
  • Tapping “Load Earlier Messages” when scrolling through chats is a thing of the past: if you scroll up, messages will now load automatically.
  • The time stamp and status of a message will now be displayed inside the message bubble. Subsequent messages are grouped if they’re sent in quick succession.
  • Media and files can be now be viewed while the sending process is ongoing.
  • You can now access the message details by swiping left on a message.
  • In group messages, the members’ names are now displayed in different colors.
  • There’s a live preview of text formatting in the text input field.
  • The new camera icon next to the text input field allows you to take and send photos on the fly.

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