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Threema for iOS Improves OS Integration

· Deutsche Version

All good things come in threes: the latest Threema update for iOS introduces profile pictures in push notifications, contacts in the Share Sheet, and Siri suggestions, thereby improving the app’s OS integration quite a bit.

Profile Pictures in Push Notifications

As of now, you can choose to have push notifications include your contacts’ profile pictures so you see at a glance who has reached out to you:

Notifications iOS

To configure which contact information appears in push notifications, please follow the instructions in this FAQ article.

Contacts in the Share Sheet

With the new Share Interactions setting enabled, the most relevant Threema contacts are available right in the Share Sheet when sharing content:

Sharesheet iOS

Siri Suggestions

If you regularly text the same contact under the same circumstances (e.g., at the same time of day), a shortcut to the respective contact is automatically added to the Siri suggestions, provided the “Share Interactions” setting is enabled.

Siri iOS

To find out what else is new in version 5.1, please refer to the changelog.

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