End-to-End Encrypted Group Calls for Everybody!

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End-to-End Encrypted Group Calls for Everybody!

Group calls become available across the board, unleashing their full potential and allowing all Threema users to conduct end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls in group chats.

The exchange of short messages is what defines an instant messenger. Sometimes, however, text messages just won’t cut it. Even voice recordings or video messages hardly measure up to a face-to-face conversation. Calls, on the other hand, have the advantage of taking place in real time, and video calls in particular come about as close to a real-life conversation as it gets.

After Threema for Android introduced end-to-end encrypted calls with up to 16 participants some time ago, Threema for iOS now follows suit, unleashing the full potential of group calls for all users.

To start a group call, simply tap the phone icon in the top right corner of a group chat. The other group members will receive a notification and can join the call at any time. After joining, participants can choose to enable their camera and start the video transmission by tapping the camera icon. Learn more…

In contrast to text messages, video calls contain personally identifiable information by nature. Therefore, rigorous data protection is vital, especially since the potential for misuse is considerable in this day and age of voice recognition, facial recognition, and artificial intelligence.

Like all communication in Threema, group calls are, of course, protected by rock-solid end-to-end encryption (technical details concerning the implementation can be found in the Cryptography Whitepaper on p. 26). And, like single calls, group calls impress with image quality that’s just as brilliant as the voice quality is crystal clear. See (and hear) for yourself:

Update to Threema 5.6 for iOS →