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Video Calls: Beta Phase Begins

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With the Threema apps’ latest beta versions, Threema calls graduate to the audio-visual dimension. As is to be expected, video calls get the full Threema treatment in terms of privacy and security. And since video calls are inherently personal, they are particularly worthy of protection.

Threema-Level Security

Video calls in Threema are fully end-to-end encrypted (not only audio and video, also signaling is end-to-end encrypted). In contrast to users of conventional services, Threema users can therefore rest assured that no one besides caller and callee – not even Threema as service provider – is able to access and view the video stream.

Thanks to Threema’s contact verification, Man-in-the-Middle attacks can be effectively prevented, and there’s no need to manually verify a code for the purpose of authentication. When communicating with “unknown” Threema IDs (red verification level), the connection is always established via Threema’s server. This way, one’s own IP address isn’t exposed to dubious contacts.

Of course, Threema’s principle of maximum metadata restraint also applies to video calls. It’s not required to provide any personally identifiable information, such as a phone number or email address, to place a call.

Excellent Image Quality and Intuitive Interface

Video calls provide the crystal-clear voice quality Threema users have become accustomed to from voice calls. The image quality is every bit as brilliant and automatically adapts to the available bandwidth.

Video transmission is an option of Threema calls that can be enabled at any time during an ongoing call. Once a Threema call is established, both parties can independently enable and disable video transmission by tapping the camera icon. This is to say that it’s possible to conduct one-way video calls.

The dynamic UI of video calls allows to return to the app and use it as usual while a video call is ongoing. Android users can even leave the app and continue video calls in picture-in-picture mode.

Beta Program

Participants of Threema’s beta program are able to start testing video calls today. To install the beta version of Threema for Android, scroll to the “Join the beta” section in the Threema listing on Google Play, and tap “Join.” Unfortunately, we cannot accept new iOS beta testers due to Apple’s TestFlight limits. We’re sorry about that.

Happy testing, we look forward to receiving your bug reports!