How well do you protect your privacy?

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How well do you protect your privacy?

Many aspects of our lives have become digital. The more time we spend online, the more we face decisions that have a direct impact on our privacy. However, we’re often unaware of the extent to which our privacy is affected.

The Privacy Checkup is an interactive questionnaire that uses everyday examples to show what consequences your online behavior has in regard to privacy and how to protect your data.

Privacy Checkup

Can you spot the pitfalls in the links above? Or do you know in which cases you have to be careful when connecting to a public WiFi network? Find out now, and improve your privacy:

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The Privacy Checkup was developed by the Privacy Training project to celebrate Data Privacy Week and is independently supported by Threema. Data Privacy Week, which we started off by publishing an open letter on the topic of the proposed EU chat control, will be rounded off on January 28, 2024, with the Data Privacy Day. This annual event was initiated by the European Council to raise awareness for online privacy.