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Threema Goes Open Source, Welcomes New Partner

· Deutsche Version

A new chapter is added to Threema’s success story.

Strengthened Through Partnership

After an intense startup phase, Threema lays the foundation for continuity, further growth, and an acceleration of the product development thanks to the entry of the German-Swiss investment company Afinum Management AG.

Afinum fully shares our values regarding security and privacy protection. The additional resources gained through this partnership enable Threema to grow beyond the German-speaking part of Europe, and we can use our energy for visionary new ideas and projects. That said, Threema’s founders – Manuel Kasper, Silvan Engeler, and Martin Blatter, all software developers – will continue to lead the company and still retain a significant ownership interest.

Open Source and Multi Device

Security and privacy protection are deeply ingrained in Threema’s DNA, which is why our code gets reviewed externally on a regular basis. Within the next months, the Threema apps will become fully open source, supporting reproducible builds. This is to say that anyone will be able to independently review Threema’s security and verify that the published source code corresponds to the downloaded app.

In the future, it will be possible to use multiple devices in parallel thanks to an innovative multi-device solution. In contrast to other approaches, no trace of personal data will be left behind on a server. Thanks to this technology, Threema can be used on a PC without a smartphone.

In conclusion, Threema will become even more trustworthy and even more convenient to use.