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Signal, Telegram, Threema: Which is the best WhatsApp alternative?

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Signal, Telegram, Threema: Which is the best WhatsApp alternative?

Due to the current controversy surrounding WhatsApp’s privacy policy, Internet users around the globe wonder which chat apps are trustworthy.

Besides Threema, Telegram and Signal are often considered to be secure alternatives to WhatsApp. But are theses solutions really equal in terms of security and privacy protection? Is their approach even comparable? And how does their range of features differ?

In order to answer these questions, we have compiled a comprehensive comparison that shows how the mentioned services stack up against one another in different respects.


The comparison shows that Telegram hasn’t got what it takes to be a secure WhatsApp alternative: By default, end-to-end encryption is disabled and messages are permanently stored on a server, where they could, in theory, be read by the service provider at any time.


Signal enjoys an outstanding reputation among experts, and it’s certainly a good alternative to WhatsApp. However, just like WhatsApp, it requires users to disclose personally identifiable information: Providing a phone number is mandatory. As a US-based IT service provider, Signal is also subject to the CLOUD Act, which entitles US authorities to access the service provider’s data.


When Threema was launched back in 2012, the main goal was to provide a WhatsApp alternative that’s as secure and privacy-friendly as possible. Given this goal, it’s no surprise that the Swiss messenger stacks up well against the competition in terms of security and data protection. It is the only one of the four services that adheres to the “Privacy by Design” principle: Only data that’s absolutely necessary for the service’s operation is generated, and Threema can be used without providing any personal data whatsoever.

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