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Threema for Android Introduces Group Calls

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Threema for Android Introduces Group Calls

When Threema was first released almost ten years ago, it was a chat-only app. These days, however, many users have come to rely on it for secure and privacy-compliant phone calls, which don’t require to disclose a phone number. Expanding Threema’s feature set further, the 5.0 update allows Android users to conduct audio/video group calls of up to 16 participants.

Just like 1:1 calls, group calls are end-to-end encrypted and meet the regular Threema call’s high level of security. Also in terms of quality, users don’t have to give up what they’re used to: group calls offer the same crystal-clear voice quality and brilliant video quality regular calls are known for.

To initiate a group call, simply tap on the camera icon in the top right corner of the desired group chat. All group members (who use the Android app) will receive a push notification that informs them about the call, and they can join by opening the notification, via the group chat, or from the chat overview.

Besides other changes and additions, the 5.0 update also provides the option to activate “Perfect Forward Secrecy” for messages. More information can be found in this FAQ entry.

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Threema for iOS will support group calls at a later date.