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Agree/Disagree Feature for Groups

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Agree/Disagree Feature for Groups

In a conversation, you nod or shake your head to let others know what you think. In a messenger chat, the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icons are used instead. Threema was the first messenger to introduce the agree/disagree functionality, which allows users to react to incoming messages with approval (thumbs up) or disapproval (thumbs down) without triggering a push notification on the chat partner’s end.

This unobtrusive form of interaction is very popular among many users, and in certain situations, it is the most appropriate form of communication. It also allows those who have deactivated read receipts to acknowledge the receipt of individual messages.

As of now, the popular feature is also available in group chats, where it unfolds its full potential. If every member of a large group were to state their (dis)approval of some message by replying to it, things would get out of hand quickly. Using the agree/disagree feature, however, the group chat stays tidy, and it’s evident at a glance how the group members feel about the message. To see who (dis)agrees with a message, simply tap and hold it, and press “(i)” (on Android) or “Details” (on iOS).

The agree/disagree feature is available starting with Threema 5.0 for Android and Threema 4.8.5 for iOS.

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